Why We Choose to Use Natural Ingredients

At Utama Spice, we strongly believe that when it comes to skincare and our health, we should only use products that won’t harm us. Our skin our biggest organ and what you put on your skin is readily absorbed which is why it is so important to be mindful of the products we are using. […]


Mint has long become synonymous with freshness, and cleanliness. From its cool tingle running down your throat as you inhale its deep essence, to its fresh blast as you exhale it into the world, leaving the air around you seeming oddly cleaner. But where did this all start? How did man come to utilize this […]


Patchouli is a herb native to the Asian tropics, it is part of the mint family. The name Patchouli comes from the Tamil(in the Indian sub continent) word patchai, meaning green, and ellai meaning leaf. Not content with just being a green leaf, this plant produces a little cocooning pyramid of pink and white flowers.


Nutmeg known as Pala in Indonesian, exemplifies warmth, and spice. It conjures a duality of images of warm carefree tropical nights, and cool winters sat by a fire. It is the scent of Christmas, heating you up in an inner hug of warmth, with aromas floating around you in a dance.

Soya Oil

The Soya Bean has quickly become a multifaceted, multifunctional crop, from famous high protein vegetarian meals like tofu, and tempeh, to oils and milks. The plant is widely used in vegetarian food, due to its complete amino acid profile, which is rare among plant based protein produce. The bean is also rich in micronutrients such […]

Lavender: Purify & Balance

Chances are you’ve seen, smelled, and/or tasted Lavandula (Lavender) at some point in your life. It is widely used in soaps, lotions, perfumes, teas and potpourri. It’s incredible antiseptic, antifungal, healing properties make the essential oil a staple oil to have in your home. Lavender is most commonly distilled into its purest Essential Oil form […]

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