At Utama Spice, we strongly believe that when it comes to skincare and our health, we should only use products that won’t harm us. Our skin our biggest organ and what you put on your skin is readily absorbed which is why it is so important to be mindful of the products we are using.

We also care about the environment and acknowledge that Mother Earth is continually providing for us. Therefore, we utilize this gift of nature and implement only the best and most natural ingredients, so each one of you has only the best.

Harmful Chemicals

Most traditional skincare products contain harmful chemicals such as parabens. They are invisible pollutants that can harm the environment as well as our body. Parabens have been known to disrupt our hormones, and this effect has also been linked to breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

The parabens in some traditional products can actually mimic estrogen and bind to the estrogen receptors on our cells. They are carcinogenic which means parabens can also transform healthy cells into cancer cells.

Phthalates are chemicals that are often found in these products as well and have been linked to birth defects. This chemical is also not listed on the ingredients and can only be detected through lab analysis.

How do these Toxins Affect the Environment?

In addition to the harmful effects parabens have on our body, we also need to look at the negative effects this harmful ingredient can have on our environment including our streams and water systems.

Antimicrobials are showing up in the tissues of marine animals. When people use products that contain parabens, they are washing them off, and they then enter the sewage system. Once they hit the sewage system, they are then released into the environment.

When people use products containing parabens and other toxic ingredients, every time they wash them off, they are allowing those chemicals and pollutants to make their way into the water system. When this happens, we experience global environmental pollution.

These synthetic and chemical pollutants have the ability to seriously affect marine and water life and can cause both species extinction and environmental destruction. These chemicals entering waterways can then be spread and transferred to other regions through rain and can enter other water sources as well as agricultural soil. The toxins will essentially deplete the plankton population, create genetic mutations in animals and plants. The carcinogens found in these products can also be linked to reproductive and behavioral changes in plants and animals.

Triclosan, another toxin, was one of the most commonly detected compounds in water and has cause wastewater contamination in streams. The triclosan can be converted into dioxan which is another highly toxic compound.

The triclosan can then combine with the chlorine that is found in tap water and when this happens, chloroform is produced. Chloroform is another probable human carcinogen and is also toxic to different types of algae and other aquatic ecosystems.

What Can You Do?

To play a small but significant role in keeping these pollutants out of our streams and waterways, you can choose to toss those old products containing these ingredients, and instead opt for natural skincare products that are made from only natural ingredients gifted to us by Mother Nature.

Not only will you help the environment, but you will also be helping your skin and health.


Meta: Choosing natural ingredients for skincare products means less pollution and damage to the environment.


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