If you are tired of using conventional moisturizers, then you may want to consider oils that are good for the body and won’t leave behind a greasy or oily feel. The oils we will be talking about today are packed with good ingredients that are best for the body.

Form polyphenols and fatty acids to antioxidants, these oils can help reduce inflammation and give your skin a youthful and healthy glow.

Carrier Oils for the Skin

Carrier oils help heal and moisturize the skin. They can be used alone or in combination with essential oils and have therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has fatty acids and can create a barrier on the skin to keep moisture locked in. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal and can help protect the skin from the elements. When applied, the skin readily absorbs it. If you have oilier skin, however, it may prove to be a bit heavy.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids our body needs. It can be used every day and is non-greasy. It helps treat a variety of skin conditions, including eczema and rosacea. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and combats free radical damage.

Marula Oil

Marula oil can go a long way in improving dry skin, irritation, and inflammation. It is rich in fatty acids and is even said to contain 60 percent more antioxidants than other oil types. It can help protect against the sun and aging. It also contains antimicrobial properties that are perfect for healing and soothing irritated and acne-prone skin.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum our skin naturally produces. It can help whether our skin is over or under producing oil and can help balance out our sebum production. This goes to help prevent and heal acne breakouts. It also works as an emollient that can soothe the skin and provide moisture throughout the day.

All of these oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can provide instant moisture when it is needed the most. They are also non-greasy and should not weigh down the skin.

Meta: if you are looking for more natural ways to moisturize and protect the body from free radicals and other damage, then consider which oils are best for the body.


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