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Ylang-ylang means “flower of flowers” and it’s the flowers that grow on the Cananga odorata tree that are steam distilled to create ylang-ylang essential oil. This essential oil can be used as healing remedy for many different reasons, thanks to its natural sedative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant properties. Ylang-ylang essential oil can relax the body and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and increase libido. Its anti-inflammatory properties assist in supporting the circulatory system and controlling blood pressure. When used for skincare, ylang-ylang can rejuvenate and smooth the skin, restoring youth.
• Sweet, fruity-floral scent.
• Eases depression and anxiety.
• Aphrodisiac properties.


Essential oil Ylang Ylang ini disuling dengan cara di-uap langsung dari bunga ylang ylang (Cananga Odorata). Manfaat dari essential ini adalah:
Mendorong sistem imun
Membantu menurunkan tekanan darah


100% ylang-ylang essential oil


Essential oils have the natural ability to heal, soothe, and stimulate. With antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, essential oils have a wide variety of uses. Sniff essential oils right from the bottle for an instant pick-me-up, to relive anxiety, or to induce relaxation. Add to carrier oil, such as jojoba, and use in a soothing massage. Place a few drops in diffuser to eliminate household odors. Add to cleaning products for more antibacterial and antimicrobial power. During cold and flu season, diffuse daily to stimulate immunity. Mix with carrier oil and apply to the skin to heal wounds. Add a drop or two to your face serum and apply daily to and protect skin against the signs of aging. Before applying to skin, do a patch test. How to patch test – Wash, clean, and dry the area on your upper arm near the crook of your elbow. Apply small amount of essential oil and cover with a bandage. Leave the bandage on for 24 hours, then remove and check for irritation. If skin looks clear and there is no reaction after the allotted test time, the oil is presumably safe to use. If you feel irritation at any time duringthe test, remove bandage and wash area with soap and water.



Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Sweet, floral, and fragrant, Ylang-Ylang is one of the most popular essential oils around. So popular that it is the main notes in many premium fragrances such as the iconic Chanel No.5

Well, the spotlight is on this amazing essential oil now. Here, we are going to explore this essential oil deeper including its extraction and many spectacular benefits.


What is Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Made Of?

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is derived from the Ylang-Ylang flower. The name “Ylang-Ylang” came from the Tagalog word “ilang” which means wilderness.

A yellow-colored flower, Ylang-Ylang flowers grow on trees along the Indian Ocean and are found in countries such as India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Known for their strong and fruity aroma, the Ylang-Ylang tree will usually flower in the hotter months — especially between April and June. Because of their potent aroma, the trees are sometimes known as the perfume trees. In the wild, the Ylang-Ylang trees can grow up to between 15 to 20 meters.

As for the Ylang-Ylang flowers, they are very commonly used by healers in the Philippines to treat burns, small cuts, and even bites from snakes or insects. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, Ylang-Ylang flowers are customarily strewn on the bed of a newlywed couple.


How is Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Extracted?

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is extracted via the steam distillation method. But, interestingly, the steam distillation process will determine the grade or variety of the Ylang-Ylang essential oil. There are five different grades/varieties and this is determined by the number of hours of distillation.

Ylang-Ylang essential oil from different grades will have different colors, smells, and, generally, properties. But, all of them should still be floral and fresh with just a hint of sweetness.

Additionally, the Ylang-Ylang flowers must be hand-picked at night. This is because the sun will destroy the potent properties found in the flowers.

Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

1)   Enhances mood

Ylang-Ylang essential oil is famously known for helping to get rid of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and stress. A 2018 study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that the scent of the essential oil has a positive effect on mood and can potentially act like a mild remedy for anxiety and depression. This is because it can influence both the processes in the hippocampus of the brain as well as the serotonin system.

So, add a few drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil to your bath to wind down after a long or stressful day. Alternatively, mix the essential oil with a carrier oil and massage it all over your body for a pick-me-up. A few drops of the oil added to a diffuser is always a good idea, too.

2)   Fights insomnia

Ylang-Ylang has mild sedative properties. This makes it an excellent choice in calming down the mind and helping the body to relax. Besides that, it also reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Or, as researchers put it, the oil has a “harmonizing effect”. This, in turn, makes it the perfect remedy for insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Diffuse a few drops of the Ylang-Ylang essential oil around the house to create a relaxing environment for all. Alternatively, practice self-care and massage the oil into your skin.

3)   Heals wounds and burns

Ylang-Ylang essential oil works very well in healing wounds — especially those caused by burns and cuts. It also prevents the wound from being infected. Just clean the wound carefully then dilute a small amount of the essential oil with some distilled water. Next, apply the mixture to the wound with a cotton ball.

Since Ylang-Ylang contains linalool — a compound rich in antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties — the essential oil is also effective against all sorts of infections such as candida albicans.

Needless to say, the essential oil is perfect for smaller issues like insect or mosquito bites. Just saturate a cotton ball in the essential oil then rub it on the area of the bite.

4)   Part of your skincare routine

Of course, Ylang-Ylang essential oil has made a name for itself because of its great effects on the skin, too. This is likely because the essential oil is rich in terpenoids as shown by a 2014 study. According to the same study, terpenoids are “promising therapeutic agents for the treatment of several skin disorders.” So, the essential oil can be used to address various skin conditions like premature aging, irritation, dry skin, and more.

Simply mix a drop or two of the essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil and massage it deep into your skin. Or, you can always add a drop or two of the essential oil to your skincare like toner, serum, or moisturizer.

5)   Naturally promotes hair growth and good hair health

There are so many great reasons to incorporate ylang-ylang essential oil into your hair care routine. For starters, it is especially effective because it promotes good blood circulation. This, in turn, strengthens the hair and boosts hair growth. Besides that, ylang-ylang essential oil also helps to prevent tangles, dandruff, and hair loss. Additionally, you can also use the essential oil to protect your hair from the sun.

For rapunzel-worthy hair, add two to three drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Or for a more intense treatment, massage the oil deep into your scalp and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, rinse it off for shiny health waves. If you are using it as protection against the sun, apply a tiny amount of it to your hair and leave it on.

6)   Energizes naturally

If you are feeling a little rundown, tired, fatigued, or just need a boost of energy, do give Ylang-Ylang essential oil a try. It is often said that the essential oil is great for energizing the body and the mind.

Simply dab a drop of the Ylang-Ylang essential oil on your wrists for a pick-me-up. And, a tiny bit behind your neck could work, too. Or, better yet, diffuse a few drops of the essential oil around your house.


Mixing Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil with Other Essential Oils

Ylang-Ylang essential oil pairs well with pretty much most essential oils. But, Ylang-Ylang does blend especially well with bergamot, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood essential oils.


Other Good-to-Know Information

As with all essential oils, some users are, unfortunately, allergic to Ylang-Ylang essential oil, too. Therefore, it is always best to start with a patch test. In this case, apply a tiny amount of Ylang-Ylang essential oil to a small part of your body. Preferably your inner arm. Then bandage the area. If you do not see any allergic reaction or irritation in 24 hours, the oil is safe to be used.

Besides that, Ylang-Ylang essential oil also has a very potent aroma. Some people might not like it or might not be able to tolerate the scent. So, bear this in mind before you try the essential oil.


Is Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Right for You?

There is only one right answer here and it is a resounding “yes!” Classic, flexible, and extremely handy, you absolutely need to give Ylang-Ylang essential oil a try today.

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Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang

Manis, floral, dan wangi, Ylang-Ylang adalah salah satu essential oil paling populer. Sebegitu populer nya sehingga menjadi catatan utama dalam banyak wewangian premium seperti Chanel No.5 yang sangat ikonik.

Nah, yang menjadi sorotan disini adalah essential oil yang menakjubkan ini. Di sini, kita akan mengeksplorasi essential oil ini lebih dalam termasuk ekstraksi dan banyak manfaat spektakulernya.


Terbuat Dari Apa Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang?

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang berasal dari bunga Ylang-Ylang. Nama “Ylang-Ylang” berasal dari kata Tagalog “ilang” yang berarti hutan belantara.

Bunganya berwarna kuning, bunga Ylang-Ylang tumbuh di pohon-pohon di sepanjang Samudra Hindia dan ditemukan di negara-negara seperti India, Indonesia, dan Malaysia. Dikenal karena aromanya yang kuat dan seperti buah, pohon Ylang-Ylang biasanya akan berbunga di bulan-bulan yang lebih panas – terutama antara bulan April dan Juni. Karena aromanya yang kuat, pohon-pohon ini kadang-kadang dikenal sebagai pohon parfum. Di alam liar, pohon Ylang-Ylang dapat tumbuh hingga antara 15 hingga 20 meter.

Sedangkan untuk bunga Ylang-Ylang, sangatlah umum digunakan oleh penyembuh di Filipina untuk mengobati luka bakar, luka kecil, dan bahkan gigitan ular atau serangga. Sementara itu, di Indonesia, bunga Ylang-Ylang biasanya bertebaran di tempat tidur pasangan yang baru menikah.


Bagaimana Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang Diekstraksi?

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang diekstraksi melalui metode destilasi uap. Namun, yang menarik, proses penyulingan uap akan menentukan tingkat atau variasi essential oil Ylang-Ylang. Ada lima tingkatan / varietas yang berbeda dan ini tergantung oleh jumlah jam penyulingan.

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang dari berbagai tingkatan akan memiliki warna, aroma, dan sifat yang berbeda. Tapi, semuanya tetap beraroma bunga dan segar dengan wangi manis yang samar.

Selain itu, bunga Ylang-Ylang harus dipetik pada malam hari. Ini karena sinar matahari dapat menghancurkan khasiat ampuh yang terkandung dalam bunga.


Manfaat Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang

  1.  Meningkatkan mood

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang terkenal karena membantu dapat menghilangkan emosi negatif seperti kemarahan, kesedihan, dan stres. Sebuah studi tahun 2018 dalam Journal of Ethnopharmacology menunjukkan bahwa aroma essential oil ini memiliki efek positif pada suasana hati dan berpotensi bertindak seperti obat ringan untuk kecemasan dan depresi. Hal ini karena sifatnya yang dapat mempengaruhi proses di hippocampus otak maupun sistem serotonin.

Jadi, tambahkan beberapa tetes essential oil Ylang-Ylang ke pemandian Kamu setelah hari yang panjang atau menegangkan. Atau, campur essential oil dengan minyak pendamping lalu pijatkan ke seluruh tubuhmu sebagai penyemangat. Beberapa tetes minyak yang ditambahkan ke diffuser juga selalu menjadi ide yang baik.

  1. Mengalami insomnia

Ylang-Ylang memiliki sifat sedatif ringan. Ini membuatnya menjadi pilihan yang sangat baik untuk menenangkan pikiran dan membantu tubuh untuk rileks. Selain itu, juga mengurangi denyut jantung dan tekanan darah. Atau, seperti yang dikatakan oleh para peneliti, minyak ini memiliki “efek menyelaraskan”. Sehingga, pada gilirannya, telah menjadikannya obat yang sempurna untuk insomnia dan sindrom kelelahan kronis.

Sebarkan beberapa tetes essential oil Ylang-Ylang di sekitar rumah untuk menciptakan lingkungan yang santai untuk semua. Atau, praktikkan perawatanmu sendiri dan pijatkan minyak pada kulit mu.

  1.  Menyembuhkan luka gores dan luka bakar

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang bekerja sangat baik dalam menyembuhkan luka – terutama yang disebabkan oleh luka bakar dan luka gores. Juga dapat mencegah luka dari infeksi. Bersihkan luka dengan hati-hati lalu encerkan sedikit essential oil dengan air suling. Selanjutnya, oleskan campuran pada luka dengan bola kapas.

Karena Ylang-Ylang mengandung linalool – senyawa yang kaya akan sifat-sifat antibakteri, antijamur, dan anti-inflamasi – essential oil ini juga efektif melawan semua jenis infeksi seperti candida albicans.

Tidak perlu dikatakan, essential oil ini sangatlah cocok untuk masalah yang lebih kecil seperti gigitan serangga atau nyamuk. Cukup biarkan bola kapas menyerap essential oil lalu gosokkan pada area gigitan.

  1.  Bagian dari rutinitas perawatan kulit Kamu

Tentu saja, essential oil Ylang-Ylang telah membuat nama untuk dirinya sendiri karena efeknya yang luar biasa pada kulit. Ini kemungkinan karena essential oil ini kaya akan terpenoid seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh penelitian tahun 2014. Menurut penelitian yang sama, terpenoid adalah “agen terapi yang menjanjikan dalam pengobatan beberapa gangguan kulit.” Jadi, essential oil ini dapat digunakan untuk mengatasi berbagai kondisi kulit seperti penuaan dini, iritasi, kulit kering, dan banyak lagi.

Cukup campurkan satu atau dua tetes essential oil dengan minyak pendamping seperti jojoba atau minyak kelapa lalu pijatkan hingga meresap ke dalam kulit mu. Atau, Kamu selalu dapat menambahkan satu atau dua tetes essential oil ke perawatan kulit Kamu seperti toner, serum, atau pelembab.

  1.  Secara alami meningkatkan pertumbuhan rambut dan kesehatan rambut

Ada begitu banyak alasan bagus untuk menambahkan essential oil ylang-ylang ke dalam rutinitas perawatan rambut mu. Sebagai permulaan, ini akan sangat efektif karena dapat meningkatkan sirkulasi darah dengan baik. Dan pada akhirnya, memperkuat rambut dan meningkatkan pertumbuhan rambut. Selain itu, essential oil ylang-ylang juga membantu mencegah kusut, ketombe, dan rambut rontok. Selain itu, Kamu juga bisa menggunakan essential oil ini untuk melindungi rambutmu dari sinar matahari.

Untuk rambut yang kuat bagai rapunzel, tambahkan dua hingga tiga tetes essential oil Ylang-Ylang ke sampo atau kondisioner mu. Atau untuk perawatan yang lebih intens, pijatkan minyak hingga meresap jauh ke dalam kulit kepalamu dan biarkan selama 5 hingga 10 menit. Kemudian, bilaslah untuk mendapatkan gelombang sehat yang mengkilap. Jika Kamu menggunakannya sebagai perlindungan terhadap sinar matahari, oleskan sedikit ke rambut Kamu dan biarkan.

6) Memberi energi secara alami

Jika Kamu merasa sedikit lesu, letih, lemas, atau hanya membutuhkan energi, cobalah ambil essential oil Ylang-Ylang. Sering dikatakan bahwa essential oil ini sangat bagus untuk memberi energi pada tubuh dan pikiran.

Oleskan setetes essential oil Ylang-Ylang di pergelangan tangan mu untuk penyemangat. Dan, sedikit di belakang leher mu juga bisa bekerja. Atau, lebih baik lagi, sebarkan beberapa tetes essential oil di sekitar rumah Kamu.


Mencampur Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang Dengan Essential Oil Lainnya

Essential oil Ylang-Ylang berpasangan baik dengan essential oil kebanyakan. Tapi, Ylang-Ylang memang menyatu sangat baik terutama dengan bergamot, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, melati, lavender, dan essential oil cendana (sandalwood).


Informasi Good-to-Know Lainnya

Seperti halnya semua essential oil, sayangnya ada beberapa pengguna yang alergi terhadap essential oil Ylang-Ylang. Oleh karena itu, selalu yang terbaik adalah untuk memulai dengan test patch. Dalam hal ini, oleskan sedikit essential oil Ylang-Ylang ke sebagian kecil kulit mu. Disarankan pada bagian dalam lengan mu. Kemudian perban area tersebut. Jika Kamu tidak melihat reaksi alergi atau iritasi dalam 24 jam, minyak tersebut aman untuk digunakan.

Selain itu, essential oil Ylang-Ylang juga memiliki aroma yang sangat kuat. Beberapa orang mungkin tidak menyukainya atau mungkin tidak bisa mentolerir aroma tersebut. Jadi, ingatlah ini sebelum Kamu mencoba essential oil ini.


Apakah Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang Tepat Untuk Kamu?

Hanya ada satu jawaban yang benar di sini dan jawabannya adalah “ya!” Klasik, fleksibel, dan sangat praktis, Kamu benar-benar perlu mencoba essential oil Ylang-Ylang hari ini.

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