Essential oils provide a more health-conscious alternative to perfume or synthetic fragrances, but not all are safe to use around babies and infants. Some are, however, and knowing which can be used around babies and infants, and how they may be used, will allow you to continue essential oil use without worry. For use around babies and infants, it’s important to remember that how you use it is just as important as what you use, and safe methods should always be observed.


How To Use Essential Oils Around Babies


First and foremost, dilution is incredibly important for essential oil use around babies and infants. In the bath, a water-soluble carrier like honey or vegetable glycerin should be used, and when topically applied a safe for the baby carrier oil like Virgin Coconut Oil should be used liberally. Even diluted, essential oils should never be placed in or around the baby’s nose, and when applied topically should be applied to areas away from the face like the back or the feet.


You’ll also want to introduce essential oils slowly, and preferably one oil at a time. First try an oil sparingly, and keep an eye on the area for around 15 to 30 minutes after application or exposure. What this will do is let parents know straight away if an allergic reaction has occurred, and it will pinpoint exactly what oils baby may be allergic to or intolerant of.


Safe Essential Oils To Use


Some certain oils are beneficial to baby, and no matter your method of use, extra dilution should be taken into account. Whether diffused or topically applied, one should use 1 to 2 drops of essential oil to around every ounce of carrier oil. It’s important to note that not all oils should be used around babies and infants of all ages, and oils that may be used around babies 3 months and up are:


  • Roman or German chamomile
  • Dill
  • Lavender
  • Blue Yarrow


As baby gets a little older, you’ll be able to use a wider variety of oils in your home and to alleviate various symptoms that baby may experience. Oils that may be used around babies 6 months and up are:



As children grow into toddlerhood, your essential oil list will grow even further. Some essential oils safe for use around toddlers aged 2 years and up are:


  • Lemon basil
  • Sweet basil
  • Clary sage
  • Black pepper
  • Clove
  • Frankincense
  • Garlic




For babies and infants, the way essential oils are used is just as important as the types of essential oils being used in terms of safety.


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