For most of us, the bathroom is where we produce the most plastic waste in our homes. And, this is a huge problem. For starters, plastic takes a long time to degrade and when they do degrade, they generate toxins. Plus, many of them aren’t even biodegradable!  


Alas, we can’t completely cut out the use of plastic — or, at least, not yet! — but what we can do right now is to reduce their usage. And, in today’s article, we’ll share some tips on how to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom.    

  • Purge, purge, and purge 

Forgive us for pointing out the obvious, but if you reduce the number of products in your bathroom, you’ll (obviously) reduce your plastic waste, too. So, get to work, declutter, and get rid of all the products that you don’t need.  

  • Dual trash can 

By using a dual trash can — where one side is for trash and the other for recyclables — it’s that much easier to dispose of your rubbish properly.  

  • Switch out face wipes  

Single-use face wipes are horrible for the environment and their negative impact stays on for a long time. See, these wipes are usually made of non-biodegradable materials such as polyester. Hence, instead of breaking down, single-use face wipes sit in landfills for years.  


So, ensure that your face wipes are biodegradable. Or, even better, swap them out for reusable cloths or flannels.  

  • Bid adieu to disposable razors 

Ditch your disposable razor and opt for a safety razor, instead, for a more environmentally-friendly grooming session. Instead of adding to the more than 2 billion disposable razors that get sent to landfills each year, a safety razor is far more durable and will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste.  


Alternatively, consider investing in an epilator or wax using reusable cotton strips.   

  • Find alternatives to store-bought mouthwash 

Most store-bought mouthwash is housed in plastic bottles — adding to the plastic waste in your bathroom. Why not switch to something far more friendly to the environment?  


You can use various essential oils as a mouthwash. For instance, tea tree oil would get the job done perfectly. Just be sure to rinse with water once you’re finished.  

Utama Spice’s Recycling and Refill Programmes  

At Utama Spice, we’re very much aware that every one of us has a role to play in making the Earth a better place for all. With this in mind, we have a number of programs in place to consciously reduce waste.  


For starters, we have a bottle recycling program in our shops in Bali. This is where you can bring in your old bottles and receive a 10% discount when you purchase the same product or another product that bears the same packaging as the one you’re recycling. 


The old bottles will then be collected, sent off to be recycled, and given a new lease of life as new bottles.  


Besides that, we also have refill stations in various locations, including Plaza Indonesia, Batu Belig Shop, Monkey Forest Ubud Shop, and more. Here, you can bring in your own bottles and fill them with your favorite soaps and shampoo — cutting down the number of bottles that are being used. We will then charge by the gram. 


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