If you are not a fan of shopping exclusively online for your products and prefer to shop in a store, then you will find our several refill spot locations the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of offline refills of your favorite beauty products.

Current Refill Station Locations

Currently, we have refill stations located in the Plaza Indonesia, JKRT, Gootama Ubud, and Brawa Shop, but now we will be opening a new refill location for our customers in the Batu Belig Shop, Monkey Forest Ubud Shop, and Sanur Shop.

The Benefit of These Refill Stations

These refill stations give our customers the opportunity to bring in their own bottles so that they can fill them back up with their favorite soaps, shampoos, and house soaps.

Having these refill stations in these local locations and having them accessible for a number of our customers means that we are cutting down on the number of bottles that are being used, and our customers love this.

Refill and Save

When you visit these refill locations, you are not only saving on the packaging, but you are also saving money and saving the planet as well! When using the refill program, we charge by the gram. If you forgot to bring in a container or were unclear about the process, you could find a bottle for sale at the shops as well.

Our Recycling Programs

Many of our locations also participate in a recycling program, as well. For example, our Bali shops encourage customers to bring in their old bottles, and in doing so, they will receive a 10 percent discount on that same product or on a product that has similar packaging to the one they bring in for recycling.

The bottles are all collected, and we send them out, hoping they will be recycled and reused to create new bottles. This program is currently only available in the Bali location and not in the Jakarta store.

The Value of Refills

With our refill program, we are becoming more environmentally conscious and are expressing the sheer power and joy of nature. By using this refill program and cutting down on the number of bottles and waste we produce, we are helping the environment and showing that we have an understanding of the importance of nature.


Meta: Utama Spice is now opening yet another refill spot location so our customers can cut down on the number of bottles they have and make more positive changes to help the environment


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