We use hair conditioners as a way to revive our hair and restore its shine and smooth appearance. When we shampoo, we are opening up the hair’s cuticles, and conditioner then seals those cuticles back up, essentially locking in all those nutrients while keeping harmful pollutants out. Using conditioner helps us strengthen our hair, prevent breakage and split ends, and can help with hair loss.

Utama Spice Conditioner is a bit thicker than conventional conditioners you may be used to, so a little bit definitely goes a long way when you are conditioning your hair. Your initial thought when using this conditioner may be that it is also a bit sticky, but once you have finished and your hair is dry, you will be left with noticeably soft hair.

Benefits of Utama Spice Conditioner

If you have dry or damaged hair, then this conditioner can help restore the health and shine to your hair and help with that damage while incorporating more moisture into dry hair. A good conditioner can also help reduce any tangles you may experience and prevent hair frizz.

How Often Should You Condition?

Just like you shouldn’t necessarily shampoo your hair every day, you can also skip days when conditioning, as well. The natural oils in our hair are stripped away each time we cleanse the hair and the scalp. However, if you find that your hair is excessively oily, then washing and conditioning your hair a few times each week can be beneficial.

How to Use Conditioner

First, make sure the conditioner you are using is good for your particular hair type. The new conditioner by Utama Spice is good for dry and damaged hair, as previously mentioned. Next, you will wash your hair as you normally would, rinse out the shampoo, and then wring out your hair. Apply the conditioner and give it time to set into the hair before rinsing it out.

Sometimes it may take a bit for you to find the perfect fit for your hair, but this new conditioner is definitely the best place to start. Be consistent with your hair care routine; choose products that are best for your hair, and you will soon begin seeing the results.

Meta: If you have dry or damaged hair, then the Utama Spice conditioner is a good place to start to revive your hair and bring back its smoothness and shine.


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