Learn Our Easy Way to Fight Acne with a Simple Skincare Routine


In some of our recent articles, we’ve discussed what natural skincare is, why you should use it, what some of the benefits are, how to get started with making your own DIY recipes at home and which brands and products we recommend you to start using today. In this post, we’ll discuss a simple, natural skincare routine you can start using to fight acne, improve the health of your skin and switch off of the mass-produced chemical-based cosmetics products that we so often see in commercials and on shelves.


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So What is Natural Skincare?


As we discussed in greater detail in our post Natural Skincare Defined, natural skincare is using products made from unprocessed raw ingredients. Many of these ingredients have medicinal or therapeutic properties and the best products contain ingredients with inherent benefits for the skin. In its simplest form, natural skin care can be summed up with one of our philosophy here at Utama Spice, “If you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.”


utama spice best natural organic best skincare product


Why Natural Skincare?


There are several reasons to switch to a natural skincare routine. It’s a proven, cost-effective alternative, and as we discussed in our post about Natural Skincare Defined, it can actually be better for the environment too. But the main reason we advocate making the switch is because our bodies absorb a portion of the substances placed on our skin. That’s why we always say you should only put things on your body that you would eat. And you probably wouldn’t want to eat most of those hard-to-pronounce chemical compounds on the back of some of those store-bought products.


According to Australian Naturalcare, “Every day the average woman applies up to 200 chemicals on her skin through cosmetics, perfume, skin care products and hair care products. We are exposed to a vast array of toxins and chemicals every day that build up in our bodies and contribute to our toxic load. Whilst the body has an effective detoxification system, we can easily overload it if we don’t become mindful about reducing our chemical and toxin exposure.”2


utama spice natural organic skincare benefits


Unfortunately, the skin is also a large part of the body’s natural detoxification system and many of these synthetic, chemical-based products can actually clog the pores in the long term, making it more difficult for the skin to detoxify itself. This can cause a counterproductive cycle that requires using more and more products to achieve the desired results for the skin, but simultaneously making it more difficult for the skin to detoxify.


So that’s why we advocate going natural for your skincare!


utama spice natural organic skincare benefits


Natural Skin Care Acne Treatment


Switching to a natural skin care routine for acne treatment is definitely the way to go! While it might seem strange to consider using products with oils and essential oils in them, many of these oils and natural ingredients have wonderful benefits for the skin! If you’d like to learn more about these oils and why they’re so good for the skin, check out our previous article on Natural Skin Care At Home to learn more about carrier oils and essential oils.


utama spice natural organic skincare benefits


Your New Natural Acne Treatment Routine


Using our years of knowledge in the natural skin care field, we created a natural acne treatment line that works wonders for the skin. We have an Acne Facial Wash, Acne Treatment Oil, Acne Day Serum, Acne Night Serum and a Pore Cleansing Facial Wash. All at an affordable price, made from 100% natural ingredients. Using these products on your skin will have immediate and long-term benefits for your skin while naturally and effectively helping you take care of your skin and treat acne!


utama spice natural organic skincare benefits


In our next posts, we’ll discuss how to get Serious About Your Skin Care and how to make your very own Natural DIY Face Mask. After that, we’ll share our Top 8 Benefits of Turmeric for the Skin!


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