There are hundreds of essential oils. So, it may be hard for an individual to find a favorite.

What It Is

Perhaps one of the most popular and heard oils is the chamomile essential oil. As the name suggests, it comes from the flowers of the chamomile plant.

However, it is important to note that there are different varieties of chamomile. Those that most people may come across when dealing with essential oils are the Roman chamomile and German chamomile.

While some of the medicinal properties of these two are similar, their composition differs. The plants also have differences when it comes to appearance.

Roman – This type has been used even in ancient times. It has a sweet aroma. It is commonly used for its calming effects.

German – The flowers of German chamomile are smaller than the Roman variety. It is in the same family as daisies and sunflowers. Its oil is distinguishable as it has a blue hue. It is often used for inflammation.


Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

Through the years, chamomile essential oil has continued to stand out. That may be because of the various benefits that it offers.


For Health

Analgesic – Gently massaging a painful part of the body with chamomile essential oil can help ease inflammation and improve blood circulation. Inhalation through steam can also decongest and unclog a stuffy nose.

An antidote for stomach issues – Chamomile essential oil is said to help improve digestion and relieve abdominal gas. So, it is widely used for constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, and even bloating.

Antidepressant – With its sweet aroma, chamomile essential oil can help with relaxation. It can also lift the mood, leaving a person feeling rejuvenated.

Alleviate menstrual pain – Women suffering from pre-menstrual or menopausal issues can use chamomile oil. It can ease breast tenderness and combat possible mood swings. Mixing a few drops in a warm bath can also help in relieving menstrual pain.


For Skin

Applying an appropriate amount of chamomile essential oil can help with certain skin conditions.

An antidote for acne and eczema

Eases skin rashes and scarring

Eases blemishes and even out skin tone


For Hair

Chamomile essential oil can also help in achieving healthy hair.

Enriches hair color and radiance

Anti-dandruff properties

Soothes irritated scalp

Moisturizes and softens hair


Mixing chamomile essential oil with other essential oils can help maximize its benefits. Learn more about this at Utama Spice.



META DESCRIPTION: Among essential oils, Chamomile essential oil is a popular choice. Whether the Roman or German variant, it offers benefits for the health, skin, and hair.


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