If you are familiar with Southeast Asian cuisines, you are likely also already familiar with the flavor and aroma of kaffir lime essential oil. Tart yet sweet and uplifting, kaffir lime essential oil (Citrus hystrix) is not as commonly used in aromatherapy as other more popular essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. But, if you ask us, it is a wonderful addition to your collection and you should definitely pick up a bottle of this essential oil.


Find out why we make this bold claim below as we cover everything from what exactly is kaffir lime essential oil to its many uses and benefits.


What is Kaffir Lime Essential Oil Made Of?


Kaffir lime is a tropical fruit native to the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The kaffir plant is a thorny bush that grows up to around 35 feet tall with distinctively shaped leaves. As for the kaffir lime fruit itself, it is small in size — measuring only about 4 cm wide. Lime green in color with rough bumpy skin, the kaffir lime eventually ripens to yellow.


Due to its tart and lovely flavor, kaffir lime is popularly used in many Southeast Asian cuisines such as Tom Yum and stir-fries. Besides that, thanks to its scores of health benefits, kaffir lime (and its essential oil) is a common sight in herbal medicines, too. Plus, kaffir lime essential oil is also a fixture in many shampoos, soaps, fragrances, and cosmetic products.


How is Kaffir Lime Essential Oil Extracted?


There are actually two types of essential oils produced from the kaffir lime trees. The first is produced from the peels or rinds of the kaffir lime fruits and the other is extracted from the leaves of the trees.


The more common method to extract kaffir lime essential oil is through steam distillation. However, certain kaffir lime essential oil is extracted via the cold-pressed method, instead.


Benefits of Kaffir Lime Essential Oil


1.      A huge boost to the immune system


Kaffir lime essential oil’s rich antibacterial and antioxidant properties mean that the essential oil is an invaluable and powerful tool when it comes to boosting the immune system.


First, the topical application of this essential oil to wounds and cuts inhibits bacteria activity and also prevents infections. In addition to that, kaffir lime essential oil also helps to stimulate the immune system courtesy of its rich antioxidant activities.


2.      Provides relief for various respiratory issues


Kaffir lime essential oil is also utilized in aromatherapy to naturally aid with various respiratory issues. This includes conditions like colds, coughs, the flu, congestion, and bronchitis.


3.      Reduces stress and anxiety


Do not let the blues and negative feelings get to you. Instead, take advantage of kaffir lime essential oil’s stress-busting benefits. The essential oil has quite the reputation as being incredibly soothing and helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and other nervous disorders.


Wind down after a long day by diffusing a few drops of kaffir lime essential oil around the room. The oil will help to calm you down and also make it easier to get ready for bedtime. Or, if you feel a panic attack is setting in, try to center and ground yourself by inhaling the essential oil’s soothing scent.


4.      Fosters good oral health


Kaffir lime is extremely beneficial when it comes to the protection of oral health. Traditionally, kaffir lime leaves are rubbed onto the gums to remove bacteria buildup and promote overall good oral health.


However, kaffir lime essential oil works just as effectively for this purpose, too. For example, a study has shown that lemongrass and kaffir lime essential oils demonstrate anti-fungi properties against Candida albicans.


To get started, mix a drop of the essential oil into your toothpaste or mouthwash to enjoy better dental health.


5.      Promotes healthy and glowing skin


As kaffir lime essential oil is loaded with antioxidants, it helps to replenish skin cells, moisturize, hydrate, and protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.


Along with that, its antioxidant compounds also put the brakes on the breakdown of cells and minimize scars, pimples, and age marks.


Now, you know why kaffir lime remains such a popular ingredient in many cosmetics and body care products. Of course, its glorious scent is a huge plus, too.


6.      Perfect as a hair treatment


Not only is kaffir lime essential oil excellent for the face and body but it is also great for your hair. The essential oil addresses conditions such as male pattern baldness, dandruff, and hair loss. In fact, many believe that it helps with the reduction of male pattern baldness by strengthening hair follicles.


With regular use, you will notice stronger and shinier tresses. Along with healthier hair and scalp, of course.


7.      As an effective cleaning agent


As a result of its acidity, kaffir lime essential oil is an extremely effective cleaning agent — similar to most citrus oils. Besides that, it can also very easily shift stubborn stains. Better yet, it leaves behind a clean and refreshing aroma that is just absolutely uplifting.


Simply mix 10 to 20 drops of the essential oil with some water and get to work. You can also substitute the water with vinegar, instead. This solution is also safe to be used in your kitchen.


8.      Naturally repels insects


Just like many other essential oils, kaffir lime essential oil is extremely effective in warding off insects. While the essential oil’s scent is heavenly to us, most insects and bugs cannot stand it.


To repel insects, mix a few drops of the kaffir lime essential oil with some water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution all over your home including the closets, curtains, bedsheets, carpets, and even in the pantry.


If you would like to use the oil to repel pesky insects from your person, instead, blend a few drops of the kaffir lime essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil. Then, apply it all over your body.


Mixing Kaffir Lime Essential Oil with Other Essential Oils


Kaffir lime essential oil goes well with other citrus oils such as orange, lemon, and lime.


Besides that, this essential oil also adds an uplifting note to camphoraceous essentials oils including eucalyptus, frankincense, marjoram, rosemary, and camphor.


For a more soothing blend, consider complementing kaffir lime essential oil with floral scents such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, and lavender.


Other Good-to-Know Information


Due to the potency of kaffir lime essential oil, it is best to dilute the essential oil (with water or carrier oil) before using it. Otherwise, potential side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, hives, heartburn, lightheadedness, and migraines.


As usual, to minimize the risk of allergies and irritations, always start by testing a small patch of skin first before using the essential oil on a larger area. Apply a small drop of the kaffir lime essential oil onto the inside of your elbow and cover it up with a bandage. If there is no adverse reaction after 24 hours, the essential oil should be a good fit for you.


Is Kaffir Lime Essential Oil Right for You?


With its tangy and sweet fragrant, kaffir lime essential oil is a favorite of many and it is very easy to understand why.


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