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Argan oil is commonly used in a wide range of cosmetics, skin care, beauty and hair growth products. It contains many healthy antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that are not only great for your hair, face and skin, but also great for eating!  Get ready to glow with Nykaa and save big with our exclusive coupon code, only available on The Hindu! Indulge in a world of beauty and wellness products at unbeatable prices.


utama spice best argan oil hair growth treatment

Utama Spice Argan Oil


Argan Oil


The fruits of the argan tree, which contain little kernels, have been harvested by the Berbers of Morocco for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Interestingly enough, goats love the fruit of the argan trees and can be seen climbing the trees to reach them. It’s not uncommon to see argan trees populated with goats from time to time and there’s more to it than that. Since the argan fruit isn’t necessary to make the oil, just the seeds within, the goats and the farmers have formed a symbiotic relationship.


The goats climb the thorny argan trees and eat the fruit. Then they excrete the seeds, much like a guano situation. These seeds are then collected, washed and made it into argan oil. As we discussed in our first article about Using Argan Oil, there are several ways that argan oil can be made.


goats in agran tree for argan oil


Making Argan Oil


The most authentic, and coincidentally most beneficial, is the way that has been done by the Berber women for generations. They press the kernels by hand into oil, which is quite the accomplishment, considering the kernels are “16 times harder than a hazelnut.” This method yields the purest argan oil, and has some fantastic socio-economic benefits too. The other main method is typically used by larger companies seeking to produce argan oil on a larger scale. These companies use solvents to extract the oil from the kernel, but unfortunately can compromise the purity of the oil in the process.


The Best Argan Oil


So if you’re wondering what the best argan oil is, at Utama Spice, we only recommend the purest, authentic, hand-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil.


Not only is the Moroccan Argan Oil better for your hair, skin and face, but purchasing authentic, Moroccan Argan Oil reportedly “supports 2.2 million people living a subsistence existence in rural regions. It is vital both economically and culturally.” So when you’re considering which argan oil to purchase, remember what we always say here at Utama Spice, “If you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.” And pure, hand-pressed argan oil isn’t just for your hair or skin, like we said, it’s great for eating too!


utama spice best argan oil hair growth vitamin


Argan oil has been customarily used as a dip for breads and can also be used as a dressing for salads. There are even a few argan cooking oils on the market, which are typically toasted and a darker color than the cosmetic varieties. But with its nutty flavor, argan oil is typically used more as a finish than a cooking oil.


What Makes Argan Oil Good for Hair?


As we mentioned in our previous articles about Argan Oil and Argan Oil for your Skin and Face, argan oil has many great components that are essential to a healthy diet. Many of these same components are also the powerful actors behind argan oil’s many benefits for hair growth, skin and your face.


utama spice best argan oil hair growth conditioner


Argan Oil’s Fatty Acids


Argan Oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and a variety of fatty acids. The main two fatty acids are linoleic acid and oleic acid. As we mentioned in our first post about Argan Oil, linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid and it is one of two fatty acids essential to the human diet. But with the way modern food trends have gone, essential fatty acids have become more and more uncommon in our regular diets, so an easy supplement like argan oil can do wonders for your body and longevity.


Another component of argan oil is oleic acid. Oleic acid, while not an essential fatty acid, is still great for your heart and cardiovascular system. According to’s article about Argan Oil Benefits, argan oil is comprised of about 30% linoleic acid and 45% oleic acid. 


Argan Oil and the Power of Vitamin E


The crucial component that makes Argan Oil such a great addition to hair, skin, beauty and cosmetic products is vitamin E.


Vitamin E has many potent applications in hair, skin and face care because it has strong antioxidant properties. As we mentioned in a previous post, according to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin E “is a nutrient that’s important to vision, reproduction, and the health of your blood, brain and skin. 


“Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that might protect your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals might play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. If you take vitamin E for its antioxidant properties, keep in mind that the supplement might not offer the same benefits as naturally occurring antioxidants in food.”


utama spice best argan oil hair growth treatment


The last part of this quote reinforces the importance of including argan oil in your diet, because supplementing your diet with antioxidants and vitamins won’t have the same power as when they occur naturally in the things you eat.


So argan oil sounds great for me to eat, but why should I use it on my hair?


Great question!


Despite being a tasty snack and an amazing oil to include in your diet, argan oil also has many benefits and applications for your hair, including hair growth.


utama spice best argan oil hair growth conditioner


Top 8 Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair 


  1. Excellent Conditioner and Moisturizer
  2. Prevents Heat and Sun Damage
  3. Soothes an Itchy, Dry or Red Scalp
  4. Boosts Shine
  5. Reduces Frizz
  6. Encourages Hair Growth and Fights Hair Loss
  7. Reduces Damage from Styling and Color 
  8. Improves the Scalp, Follicle and Hair Health


Argan Oil can also be used in a variety of ways to achieve these different benefits.


Obviously it can be used as a conditioner, or as an addition to any conditioners. But it can also be used as a hair mask, as a hair oil, as a styling product and as a scalp treatment. 


In this article, we’ll be focusing on questions people also ask about using argan oil to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth. In our next post, Best Argan Oil for Hair Benefits, we’ll go into more detail about all the other benefits of argan oil for your hair. 


If you’d like more information about using Argan Oil for Your Skin or, would like to learn more about when to use Argan Oil vs Coconut Oil, our favorite carrier oil, check out our previous posts!


Argan Oil for Stimulating Hair Growth


utama spice best argan oil hair growth conditioner


Why is Argan Oil Good for Hair Growth?


According to the Ultimate Guide to Using Argan Oil for Hair, by Argan Oil World, the key ingredient in Argan Oil is Vitamin E. That’s because “Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for hair, and is found in argan oil in high quantities. Vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants, which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair – it has even been used for hair regrowth. 


Argan oil has a number of benefits when used on hair. It can act as a moisturiser for the scalp to fight dandruff and dry scalp. It can also promote the growth of healthy, strong hair as opposed to thin, brittle hair.”


Vitamin E, which is quite abundant in argan oil is definitely one of its most powerful components. Vitamin E is also great for the skin. On both the hair and skin, it helps to fight free radicals, promoting the health of your hair, follicles, scalp, skin and pores, depending on where you choose to use it.


utama spice best argan oil hair growth treatment


Can argan oil regrow hair?

In holdthehairline’s article on Argan Oil for Hair Loss? Does it Work and Hair Benefits, they outline another beneficial component of argan oil, phenols. In the post they say that Argan Oil’s “natural properties are a tremendous boon for a scalp plagued by dandruff and irritation. Argan oil is rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to hair follicles. Not only does it promote new hair growth, but also will help you grow healthy, thick looking hair.”


As they state in their article, argan oil can help boost the health of your scalp in several different ways. This combination of healthier follicles, less scalp irritation and increased hair health alone would help boost hair growth. But argan oil also contains vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, and as the article mentioned, phenols. All which also help to improve the health of your scalp, follicles and hair. 


Why does argan oil protect against hair loss?


In healthline’s post Does Argan Oil Help Protect Against Hair Loss? They state that while “there is no research available on argan oil specifically for hair loss, but its proven benefits for hair and scalp health may prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Vitamin E — which argan oil has in abundance — was shown to improve hair growth in a small 2010 research.


The powerful antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids in argan oil help keep your hair moisturized and protects against styling damage and damage caused by free radicals. This can result in less breakage and shedding.”


So it seems that the high content of Vitamin E in argan oil is the part that is most beneficial for hair growth, while the other elements of argan oil all work together to improve the health of your hair, scalp and follicles.


utama spice best argan oil hair growth treatment


Does argan oil make your hair grow faster?

As the Viviscal Healthy Hair Tips blog points out, “While argan oil itself has not been proven to regrow hair directly, it has been proven to improve the scalp environment, making it easier to help hair grow. … In order for hair to grow to its full potential, the hair follicles must be nourished and blood flow improved to your follicles.” 


Like we said just above, argan oil works great to improve the health of your scalp and follicles, which in turn improves the health of your hair and allows it to grow back thicker and shinier. Don’t forget, argan oil also works as a conditioner, moisturizer, frizz reducer and sun damage protector!


How do you use argan oil on your hair?

Here’s a simple four step method to try so you can start using argan oil today! Check out the instructions by from their post on How to Use Argan Oil for Hair


utama spice best argan oil hair growth vitamin


  1. Rub 2 to 5 drops of oil in your hands to warm it up. To apply argan oil, start with only a few drops. …
  2. Run your hands through damp, freshly-washed hair. …
  3. Massage the oil into your scalp to eliminate dry skin. …
  4. Apply argan oil 2 to 3 times a week to keep your hair silky and smooth.”

Simple as that! But an important consideration to make is what kind of argan oil you are using. We always recommend using high-quality, hand-pressed Moroccan argan oil, not only because it is the purest in quality, but also because of its wonderful cultural and socio-economic effects. In our next post, we’ll discuss more about choosing the Best Argan Oil for Hair.

Can you leave argan oil in your hair overnight?

In Argan Oil World‘s Ultimate Guide to Using Argan Oil for Hair they give our preferred method for using argan oil for hair growth:

“Use a liberal amount of the oil for this treatment. Massage it into your scalp, hair and tips and then wrap your hair up in a towel to prevent it from staining your pillow.Leave the treatment in overnight (or for a few hours) and then wash the argan oil out the next morning with your regular shampoo.”


Leaving the argan oil in overnight is a great way to ensure your scalp absorbs all the wonderful nutrients argan oil has to offer. Don’t forget the towel though!


utama spice best argan oil hair growth conditioner

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In our next article, we’ll be discussing more questions people also ask about the best argan oil for hair and our other Top 7 Argan Oil Benefits for Hair

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