So, you have decided to reuse your empty essential oil bottles. But how do you make sure that they are thoroughly clean? Here’s how to clean your essential oil bottles before using them for various handmade projects.

  1. Empty The Bottles

Sometimes essential oil bottles are not truly empty. A few drops often get left behind—don’t let these get wasted. There are two ways to get every last drop from your bottles:

Fill your essential oil bottle with water then pour this onto your diffuser.

Remove the orifice reducer and fill the bottle with Epsom salt. The Epsom salt will absorb any remaining essential oils in the bottle and become a scented salt.

  1. Disassemble The Bottle

Remove the cap and orifice reducer or dropper top. You will need an essential oil bottle opener to make this task easier.

  1. Remove The Labels And The Glue

Instead of peeling the labels, soak your essential oil bottle in a bowl of warm soapy water (with dishwashing liquid) for 10 to 20 minutes or until the label and glue come off completely. An alternative for removing labels is peeling off the label and then rubbing oil to remove the glue.

  1. Clean The Bottles

The main goal for cleaning old essential oil bottles is removing the residual smell. Let the essential oil bottles soak for 10 minutes in warm soapy water. Then scrub the inside of the bottle with a small brush or sponge. If this does not remove the smell, let the bottle soak with vinegar, then wash again.

  1. Clean The Caps, Orifice Reducers, Or Droppers

There are often residual smells in the caps, orifice reducers, and dropper caps as well, so they need a thorough cleaning. For caps and orifice reducers, soak them in warm soapy water (along with the bottles) and scrub a little before rinsing. For droppers, let them suck warm soapy water repeatedly to clean inside. Then, do the same for clean water to rinse off the soap.

  1. Let Them All Dry

Each part needs to dry up completely before reusing. Let them air dry for a few days then wipe off the insides and the crevices before re-assembling the essential oil bottles.

Once your essential oil bottles are completely dry, you can start using them for your handmade projects or reuse them to store essential oils blends.

Meta description: Don’t throw your essential oil bottles! Here’s how to properly clean your essential oil bottles before reusing them for your handmade upcycling projects.


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