Using essential oils when practicing meditation can help further relax and calm both the mind and body.


The Role of Aromatherapy

Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy. That refers to the utilization of scents to help address certain issues. For instance, you can use them to reduce stress and anxiety.


Aromatherapy can also keep you engaged during meditation. However, it is important to choose the right ingredients.


How to Use

Bali spa products, like natural oils, are a powerful addition to meditation. Not only will it give your room that spa-like atmosphere, but it will also help center and ground you as you try to eliminate negative energy.


Additionally, these products can help soothe the body. That is ideal as it helps you clear your mind from the busy life that you normally have.


When it comes to meditation, there are two common ways to use essential oils. First, you can fill the room with the Bali spa products of your choice by diffusing or spraying them. Second, you can apply it topically.


Keep in mind that proper dilution using a carrier oil is crucial when using essential oils, especially if you plan on applying it to your body. Common areas include:


  • Chest
  • Soles of the Feet
  • Temple
  • Wrist


Creating a Blend

Each person may respond differently to certain scents. So, to help with your meditation, it may be best to create an essential oil blend that appeals to you.


Here are some recipes you can try:


  • For Stress Relief


What You Need:

– Cedarwood Essential Oil (3 drops)

– Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (2 drops)

– Jojoba Oil (2 teaspoons)

– Lavender Essential Oil (2 drops)

– Roller Bottle (10 ml)



Mix all the ingredients well. Then, put in the roller bottle. Shake until properly blended. Apply before meditating.


  • For Regaining Focus


What You Need:

– Bergamot Essential Oil (4 drops)

– Grapefruit Essential Oil (4 drops)

– Lemon Essential Oil(5 teaspoons)

– Patchouli Essential Oil (2 drops)



Mix all the ingredients well. Put in an aromatherapy inhaler. You can also opt to mix it with a carrier oil or water so that you can use it in a diffuser.


  • For Relaxation


What You Need:

– Lime or Lemon Essential Oil (3 drops)

– Rose Essential Oil (1 drop)

– Frankincense Essential Oil (2 drops)



Mix all essential oils well. Diffuse with water or carrier oil of your choice. Then, put the mixture in your diffuser.


While meditation is possible anywhere, make sure you have a safe environment before starting. Do not meditate while conducting other activities.


If you want to create a more calming atmosphere, using Bali sp products is a great option. You can add essential oils to your routine. You can also create your essential oil blend to ensure the effectiveness of the scent.


If you are unsure how to start creating a blend or do not have extra time to DIY, you may also buy ready-made essential oil blends.


META DESCRIPTION: Using Bali spa products can help achieve the right atmosphere for meditation. You can add essential oils or create your own blend to ensure effectiveness.



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