In today’s world, more and more consumers want to be able to recognize and pronounce the ingredients that are in their favorite beauty products. They want to know what they are using while also shifting their focus toward more sustainable and eco-friendly products. Fewer ingredients can have less of an impact on our environment.
Let’s look into why clean beauty is becoming a trend and find out how you can achieve a more natural Bali skincare routine.

Why Is Clean Beauty So Popular?
The word “clean” can mean different things to different people as well as brands. The term itself is not regulated in the beauty industry; therefore, there is no single definition. Each brand comes out with their own interpretation of clean beauty while using ingredients that they feel are natural and acceptable.
Clean beauty is popular because people are looking for products that are free of toxins and chemicals and more sustainable and safer to use.

Ingredients To Avoid
While there is still some disagreement as to which ingredients shouldn’t be considered as part of a clean beauty program, there are two that are more universally accepted as ingredients that should be avoided. Those two ingredients are parabens and SLS.
Parabens are the preservatives used in many products to keep them from going bad. SLS is what removes oils and produces the lather in some of the products we use such as shampoo and body wash.
Those two are common when it comes to beauty products, but they can irritate the skin. Parabens have also been linked to cancer.

Purchasing Clean Beauty Products
Clean beauty is becoming a trend in Bali skincare because it offers a safer and more natural way to take care of our skin and body. However, is it a trend you want to follow? For consumers, it is important to know and understand what products and ingredients they are using, and they are becoming more aware of what is considered harmful.

When it comes down to it, clean and non-toxic ingredients will prove to be better for the health of our skin. So if you are interested in healthy skin and a more youthful appearance, then clean beauty is a trend you will definitely want to consider.
Clean beauty products like those you can find at Utama Spice are mindfully created and produced without the inclusion of harmful or toxic ingredients. The ingredients in these clean beauty products are ethically sourced and made with a healthy body and environment in mind.

Meta: Clean beauty is an emerging trend in Bali skincare as more people are looking for ethically sourced and safe ingredients to use in their beauty products.

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