There is a growing problem in the beauty industry today, and that problem is plastic. From shampoo and conditioner bottles to packaging for makeup, facial cleansers, and more, many beauty companies have been significantly contributing to plastic pollution in the world.
For this reason, we have decided to make refill stations readily available to our customers at Utama Spice.
People today are looking for less packaging and more eco-friendly and sustainable products. Some brands have chosen to go completely plastic-free, while others have looked for other more sustainable solutions to this growing problem.

What Are Refillable Products?
With refillable product options, you can get closer to achieving a zero-waste lifestyle. For products you use every day and products you constantly purchase, it might be a good idea to consider how more environmentally friendly it can be to simply refill the bottles of those products rather than purchasing an entirely new bottle.
It is a great way to save some money as well on your favorite skincare products. With our Utama Spice refill locations, you can refill any bottle with your favorite Utama Spice product and save on packaging, save money, and save the planet.

Benefits Of Refill Stations
As we already mentioned, there are tons of savings involved when you visit the refill stations at our stores. When you choose to refill products like liquid soaps, you are significantly reducing the amount of packaging waste you throw out without having to compromise on the price or quality of the products you are refilling. You will still be getting your favorite Utama Spice products, just without the extra packaging.
It also allows for more sustainability. Refill stations promote sustainability regarding the three pillars: the economy, the environment, and social impact. While the concept is not new, it has evolved into something that more people have become interested in. And to fulfill this renewed interest in refillable products, we have opened another refill station to provide our customers the opportunity to try it out and see the difference it makes for themselves.

Refillable Product Options
Running low on your favorite Utama Spice shampoo or conditioner? Maybe you need a refill on your liquid soaps. If so, come on down to one of our refill stations and discover the eco-friendly impact you can have on the environment.
The refill program charges by the gram and if you forget to bring your container in with you or want to start fresh, we have bottles available for purchase.
With our refill programs, you are becoming more environmentally conscious and showing how much you love and understand nature.

Meta: Refillable products such as liquid soaps and refill stations can help you save money and the environment and start leading a zero-waste lifestyle.

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