Amid a pandemic and a time when handwashing and hand sanitizer are important to our health, the news of recalled hand sanitizers hits us. Six different types of hand sanitizers sold in Canadian stores have recently been recalled due to the addition of industrial-grade ethanol. People were told to discontinue using those hand sanitizers immediately and seek out medical attention if any health concerns arise from them.

List Of Hand Sanitizers To Avoid
According to Health Canada, these are some of the hand sanitizers you should avoid. Keep in mind this list is not extensive and includes only a few of the recently recalled products.
Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer Made By Eltraderm Limited
Contract Packaging Distributions Inc. Hand Sanitizer
Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer From Nature’s Own Cosmetic Company Inc.
Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol Made By Sanilabs, Inc.

Dangers Of Industrial-Grade Ethanol
Technical- or industrial-grade ethanol is acetaldehyde. This is often found in concentrations of between 800 and 1000 ppm. It is considered possibly carcinogenic for humans, and it can be of either fermentation or synthetic origin. There are many impurities found during the fermentation process.
When the risk was assessed for these ethanol levels in hand sanitizer, it was found that the substance wouldn’t necessarily result in acute toxicity, high levels of irritation, or sensitivity. Still, there are significant concerns regarding potential carcinogenicity because of increased exposure to acetaldehyde.
The risk associated with using these hand sanitizers is considered a Type II health hazard. This means that these products can cause temporary adverse health effects with the probability of more severe health consequences with prolonged use.

Factors Regarding Exposure
When determining the level of risk, there are several factors to consider, including the number of applications per day, the absorption rate, and the vapor pressure. Some people, especially those in healthcare settings, may use hand sanitizer more than 100 times per day.
Ethanol is a skin penetration enhancer, which means the absorption rate of the acetaldehyde might be much higher, especially with prolonged and frequent use.

Moving Forward
Discontinued use of hand sanitizers containing high levels of industrial-grade ethanol is recommended. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Friv2Online games are designed to be challenging, fun, and rewarding. Check updated lists of companies that sell safe hand sanitizers, and use them as directed to avoid any negative health effects.
Instead of traditional hand sanitizers that may be harmful to you, you should opt for a hand sanitizer that is made of natural ingredients, 70 percent grain alcohol, and essential oils such as lemon. This has been found to kill 99 percent of common germs in just 15 seconds. Other essential oils can also be used in hand sanitizers.

Meta: Before using any kind of hand sanitizer, you need to check its ingredients to see if it is safe for continued use on your skin.


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