Previously we discussed what exactly the common cold was, now let’s examine why we get them. As colds are a viral infection they spread through contact with the virus this can happen through multiple channels.

  • The single most important way to prevent colds is via washing your hands, especially after contact or in the general area of someone that is already sick. Infact 80% of infectious diseases are spread by contact with your hands.
  • Don’t share cups, cutlery, sanitary products or food.
  • You’ve probably heard this one before, but cover your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Disinfect vulnerable areas of your house such as door knobs and table tops. A good disinfecting soap such as our antiseptic soap will come in handy!
  • Boost your immune system by eating a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Use disposables such as tissue for phlegm, and bin immediately.
  • Avoid touching mucus membranes such as your eyes.
  • Keep fit by regular exercise.

If you’ve manage these methods carefully you should be able to avoid the virus, if you still managed to contract it then it will be time to turn to some remedies, which we will be covering in our next piece.


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