Over recent years, people have become more aware of the products they are using on their body and the chemicals that each may contain. With this newfound clarity, more manufacturers are even moving toward more natural products that are organic, free of questionable ingredients, and safer to use.

Myth Number One: All Natural Skincare Is Created Equal

When a label says that a product is all-natural, that doesn’t automatically mean that the product is also organic. For a product to be certified organic, each ingredient needs to be monitored and has to follow organic guidelines.

Organic products need to have between 95% and 100% chemical-free ingredients, while a natural product usually has around 50-70%. However, natural products are still safe and don’t contain harmful preservatives, coloring, harsh chemicals, and pesticides that you would find in commercial beauty products. This means less skin irritation and fewer adverse reactions.

Myth Number Two: Organic Products Aren’t As Effective

People tend to stick to products they are familiar with and don’t always try something new. However, while you may enjoy the temporary results you achieve with commercial products, they may not offer as many long-term benefits and results as organic and more natural products do.

Myth Number Three: There Will Be Bacteria Without Preservatives

If the product is water-based, it is going to need a preservative to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. Oil-based products, on the other hand, do not. Natural cosmetics and other products tend to use organic compounds, such as dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol, that are more widely accepted. These natural preservatives do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, or other harmful substances.

Myth Number Four: Organic Products Are Expensive

If you choose to go with more natural or organic products, one hindrance may be the price. However, natural skincare products aren’t unattainable. Everyone should have access to affordable and good quality products that won’t negatively affect their well-being, and that is a philosophy many companies offering organic skincare options adhere to.

Myth Number Five: Organic Products Don’t Smell As Good

Natural and organic products don’t have to smell medicinal or bad. Essential oils like lavender and peppermint are often used to add calming fragrance to those products. With those essential oils, you also get to reap the many benefits they have for your skin and body.

Before you choose to forego organic or more natural product options, consider the advantages of using these more natural alternatives.


Meta: Dispelling the many myths about organic products is necessary when explaining the many benefits one can enjoy by using more natural products.

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