There are many toxins that can commonly be found in everyday cosmetics and other commercial makeup that we use. We never really know what is in the products we use unless we take the time to read the labels very carefully; however, even then, we might not completely understand what these ingredients are and what they can do.


These are the most widely used in commercial makeup and beauty products because they are the preservatives that are used most commonly in the beauty industry. You can find parabens in a variety of makeup, including mascara and moisturizers.

Parabens contain properties that closely mimic estrogen, and this can ultimately interfere with our endocrine, nervous, immune, and reproductive systems. There has also been a link to breast cancer.


This toxin is known for its ability to disrupt our endocrine system and may result in reproductive birth defects and an increased risk for breast cancer. This toxin can be found in commercial deodorants, nail polish, and perfumes and is often referred to as fragrance in the ingredients list.


This is the most common indoor air pollutant around and can be found in nail hardening cosmetics. This pollutant in high amounts can be toxic. Low amounts of Formaldehyde can cause eye irritation, watery eyes, headaches, burning sensation in your throat, and even difficulty breathing.

Carbon Black

This is a toxin that is used in the pigment found in many eyeliners, eyeshadows, and mascara products. It has been linked to skin cancer as well as organ toxicity.


Butylated Compounds

This is often used as a preservative in cosmetics and skin care items and will most likely be listed in the ingredients as BHA or BHT. It has been reported to cause hormone disruption and can lead to skin irritation.

The Dangers of Toxins

In addition to the dangers of the toxins listed above, there is a chance you may also find lead in many products – for example, lipsticks. This is not an ingredient added into the cosmetics, however. It is through contamination that it finds its way into cosmetic products, and this is most often through color additives.  Lead is a neurotoxin that can have a negative effect on the brain.


For much safer alternatives to cosmetics that do not contain any of these harmful chemicals, you will want to consider products that are much more natural. Our skin absorbs what is put on it, and this also includes the harmful toxins and chemicals commonly found in commercial makeup products. These products may also damage our skin and cause premature aging.

More natural beauty products, on the other hand, contain safe and chemical free ingredients that can better rejuvenate the skin and make our skin look fresher and younger. It is also especially good for those who experience a lot of skin sensitivity and irritation when they use other products.

Meta: Commercial makeup products often contain toxins, including parabens, phthalates, and even lead that can lead to negative health effects. A safer alternative would be to choose more natural and chemical free products.



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