Dull skin is a term you may have come across while perusing skincare products. But what exactly is this vaunted phenomena, and is it an area of concern? Most people will start to experience dull skin at around age 30, so if you’ve ticked that number or are getting close read on. Dull skin tends to occur as you get older, and your blood circulation slows down, as well losing elasticity in your skin. When you are tired, dehydrated it can be especially jarring. The loss of youthful glow, and radiance encapsulates the look of dull skin. The antithesis to young healthy skin.

As you age your skin’s production of oil slows down, this is due to blood flow slowing down. This will result in your skin being devoid of it’s natural oils, creating dryness which exemplifies the dull look. Your body also has a natural exfoliating process that begins to slow down. Wearing dead skin cells on your skin can give your skin a sort of tinged look. Like having a layer of dust on top.

There are a few methods that can help you cope with dull skin, and have your skin glowing and vigorous again. The slowdown of your skins exfoliation process means it’ll need a little help in that department. If you read our last blog about pollution, you’ll know that you can wear pollution on your skin. Pollution creates free radicals that damage collagen, this creates an uneven skin tone which diffuses light and looks dull. Make sure you wash your face at night before bed. Once a week of an exfoliation routine should help your skin get rid of dead cells and regain its glow. It is estimated that skin renewal slows down 7% every 10 years. This makes exfoliating more important as you age.

Your skins slowing of oil productions means moisturizing is more important then ever. Showering or using soap will dry out your skin. Make sure you use a body lotion or butter in combination with a facial moisturizer post showering or even washing your hands. Facial skin is an especially tricky area, where the wrong kind of product can lead to an outbreak of acne.

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ll know that lifestyle factors play an essential role in how our skin looks. Because of the affects of circulation on the appearance of dull skin, your life choices will be important. Smoking does massive amounts of damage to your skin, slows circulation, and can cause you to age prematurely. Ever had a big night out in town only to wake up with haggard looking skin? This is because excessive alcohol consumption also does damage to your circulation, as well causing dehydration.

Having the right life choices, and a killer skin care routine will help you maintain healthy radiant skin. Everyone’s skin is a little different so make sure to check your skin type, use high quality products, and experiment on the best routing for you!


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