Coming from a long line of hunter gathers, humans as a species are evolved to live outdoors. Not confined to our artificial indoor living spaces. Studies have shown that people who live surround by nature tend to be happier than those who live surround by a mass of concrete. With that knowledge firmly in your mind, let’s tackle the problem with fun outdoor activities that have the added benefit of also engaging you in physical activity.


This one is an all time classic. Cycling through country roads, or through Balinese rice paddies, and even by the seaside can be a meditative experience. Hit the back roads, and feel the fresh country breeze twisting and twirling through your hair. Your legs will also be engage in a great low impact workout, perfect for those with long standing injury problems. Your cardiovascular health will greatly benefit, getting your heart and lungs into tip top shape!


If you’re in Bali or any other tropical waters than this is a must. The underwater life is a mix of stunning colours dancing around in a dance of the sea. You get to both swim or if you’re tired you can float about lazily and watch the world move rhythmically below you. The way the ocean breaths up, and down as you float in the cool water can even make you fade into a sleepy haze. Side note: We don’t encourage sleeping in the ocean. Dolphins might take you away, and keep you as a pet.


Sticking to the aquatic space, let’s get one for the adrenaline junkies out there. Bali and surfing are intrinsically linked, the island rise to fame was in big part due to it’s world class waves. Mastering the wave can be a challenge, but the reward is absolutely worth it. The feeling of gliding through water with the ocean winds rushing past your body, with the cool water beneath and the blazing sun above makes it an unbeatable experience.


The feeling of achievement is you get for hiking is in a league of its own. Hiking is a test of mental fortitude and determination. Getting to the top can be mentally and physically draining, but the feeling of elation at making it is second to none. Especially when it’s combined with the most beautiful scene’s nature can provide. The vast scales of the mountaintop views is something no picture can do justice. Relish in the view, and try not to let the dread of the climb down enter into your mind.


We’re upping the ante for adrenaline junkies, with this battle against the flowing power of water. Ride through swirls of white water crashing through rocks, cutting into the land in a strangely relaxing sonically pleasing feast, with chirping birds interrupting the crash of water. After the oddly calm periods, you will once again be swigging your paddle in a frenzy, fighting against the furry of the water.

Zip lining

To get truly up in nature, why not climb up some trees, and zip down from them for a quick burst of adrenaline. Just make sure not to eat before hand, or do… I mean if that’s your thing.


Finishing the series with something more relaxing. This is ideal if you want ample time to soak up nature. Camping allows us to get in touch with our hunter gathering roots. Living and breathing nature. Who knew taking a defecating in the woods could be so enjoyable?

Whatever your choice, you can’t really go wrong with enjoying the outdoors…or can you? Find out about the dangers of outdoor activity on our next blog.



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