Microbeads are solid plastic particles that are small and often made of polyethylene and other petrochemical plastics. Microbeads at one time were found in many different facial scrubs and body washes and were also often found in different cosmetic products, deodorant, and nail polish.

The Dangers of Microbeads

Microbeads were typically added as an exfoliating agent for many cosmetic products. While the plastics used in microbeads are generally nontoxic because of their small size, these microbeads may bind with other toxins and can cause harmful effects.

In addition to potentially being bad for your health, they are also bad for the environment. When you use these beauty products that contain microbeads, the products you use often get washed down into the drain when you use them.

This means they are deposited into waterways and become a pollutant. Since they do not easily degrade, they can pile up in the waterways and can make their way to drinking water as well.

Finding an Alternative

To replace microbeads, there are a number of more natural alternatives you can choose from that will not only ensure you remain healthy, but the environment will thank you as well.

Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are more often used on rough skin like on the feet and body instead of the more sensitive skin on our face. However, salt is naturally purifying and can remove those toxins that may be blocking our pores. It can also help improve circulation while tightening the skin.

Tea Tree Scrub

Another more natural alternative is bamboo cellulose that offers good abrasion properties without having to use plastic beads. If you find that you have dull, tired-looking skin and are looking for a scrub to help clear out dead skin, clear the pores, and restore your glow, then a tea tree face scrub should be used.

Tea tree oil can draw out the skin’s toxins while also drying up any excess oil you may have. Since the tea tree face scrub is made from natural ingredients, you will find that it is a gentle alternative to microbeads that can be used on all skin types.

As you can see, there are several more natural and healthier alternatives that do not contain plastic beads but prove to be just as effective for your skin.

Meta: Microbeads are small plastic beads that threaten to hurt our skin and harm our environment. So, more natural alternatives should be used in their place


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