Despite being used by those living in the Southern Pacific for hundreds of years, Tamanu oil is something of a forgotten secret for most. Derived from the tamanu nut of the Ati tree, Tamanu oil has been used in various cultures to help in healing just about any and every skin ailment. In 1918 the oil became a top interest for French scientists who studied the oil’s ability to aid those with leprosy.

When looking at the healing properties of Tamanu oil, it becomes apparent just how powerful this oil is for the skin. The oil is comprised of 3 basic types of lipids with glycolipids, neutral lipids, and phospholipids. These lipids help to protect the skin’s barrier, recovering any damages to the skin’s barrier as well as improving its elasticity. On top of these lipids, also present are the uncommon fatty acid calophyllic acid, an antibiotic called lactone, and anti-inflammatory called calophyllolide.

Within Tamanu oil is also a pretty unique healing process called cicatrization, which helps to encourage the skin to generate new tissue and new growth. In 1918, this is what French scientists focused on when analyzing why exactly the oil was providing so many benefits to those with leprosy at the time. By encouraging new skin tissue growth, the oil is able to help to speed up the wound healing process. For those with scarring or stretch marks, Tamanu oil’s ability to encourage skin regeneration makes it a healing must-have.

Tamanu oil is easy for the skin to absorb, and may be applied to the skin multiple times throughout the day as a power-packing moisturizer. After cleansing, before bed, and whenever the skin may be feeling tight and dull, a couple of drops of pure Tamanu Oil may be applied to restore and rejuvenate the skin without the worry of a heavy outward feel or appearance. Tamanu oil may be used to combat acne, ease itch from bug bites, deodorize and reduce inflammation while speeding up the skin’s natural healing process.


Natural Tamanu oil has been used for hundreds of years by those in the Southern Pacific to aid in skin healing while alleviating inflammation and discomfort.


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