By now everyone’s heard of bacteria, but what exactly are they, and what do they do? Bacteria predates human life on earth, and are among the first life forms to appear on the planet. They are invisible to the naked eye, though under a microscope they come in a variety of shapes. Bacteria are present in most of our planet, they can live in harsh conditions that humans simply cannot. A single gram of soil can carry up to 40 million different varieties of bacteria, if you put them all together they would weigh more than all of humanity combined.

Knowing this may generate some alarm, but despite its reputation not all bacteria is bad. In fact our stomachs harbour millions of good bacteria, which is why pro-biotics which encourage good bacteria acquired from likes of yogurt have become popular.

Despite this, there are indeed a lot of harmful bacteria living in every nook, and crack of our lives. Our homes are like every other place and a vector for bacteria. There are some surprising places where they thrive, if you dropped some food on your toilet bowl, no one in their right mind would think to pick up and eat it. How about in the kitchen sink? We’ve all had bouts of pesky dishes we’re either too lazy to clean, or need to be soaked for tough stains. Well doing that causes various bacteria build up, salmonella and e.coli being the most common. Surprisingly out of the two your toilet bowl tends to have less bacteria. If you think that’s an unlikely scenario, well wait to you hear the rest of these. Your toothbrush? Clean right? Wrong, being damp is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially when they are placed near the toilette…yes feces bacteria are on your toothbrush.

Now that you’re drummed into a state of paranoia, you might want to get on facebook and warn your friends of the dangers lurking on their toothbrush. Well not so fast, as the keyboard you are typing on is also infested. Now that you’ve moved further and inti a state of delirium, you might want to jump into the bath, curl in a little ball, rock back and forth, while trying desperately to clean yourself. Well golly gosh, I don’t know how to put this, but your bath is a bacteria heaven…

Now that you’ve officially gone crazy, and are looking at every crack and tile with scepticism, while I laugh in an evil villainous tone. We can finally relax as I remind you that your are not sick… yet. So have a sit on the couch and put on some TV, preferably a program about germs. Grab the remote, hit the power button, then think about all the places that remote has been.

At this point I’ve run out of words to describe the panic that I’ve hopefully induced in you. So now we can start to look at what effects these harmful bacteria, and germs that live in our homes have on our health. Well not now, but stay tuned for our next episode. You might say this isn’t a TV series, and you’d be right. But it totally is a TV series, so stay tuned for our next episode, where Samatha murders Sam… Wait what were we talking about again? Right, bacteria, well don’t worry, we’ll also be looking at ways to prevent from thriving in your home.


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