Top Outdoor Activities

Coming from a long line of hunter gathers, humans as a species are evolved to live outdoors. Not confined to our artificial indoor living spaces. Studies have shown that people who live surround by nature tend to be happier than those who live surround by a mass of concrete. With that knowledge firmly in your […]

Who’s At Risk For High Blood Pressure?

On our previous article we discussed the danger of high blood pressure, now lets take a quick look at who is at risk of developing the condition. Though anyone can develop high blood pressure, your risk increases exponetially depending on various genetic, age and lifestyle factors. Lifestyle Risk factors that can increase your chance of […]

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

If you’re still young then the dangers of high blood pressure will probably feel like a distance rumble. Being young does mean you are less at risk; however you are still at risk. 19% of young adults in the UK suffer from high blood pressure. As the years roll by in a flash, the seriousness […]


Fenugreek is a plant not many have heard of, this plant grows annually from seed to crop within a year before dying off and getting replanted. It is a semi-arid plant allowing it to grow with very little water, the plant is believed to have originated from the Middle East in the Iraq region. The […]

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola, known also as Centella, or Indian Pennyworth is an aquatic plant found predominately in South East Asia, and the Indian sub-continent. Being an aquatic plant means it has a huge thirst for water; it often grows in swampy areas, though it can grow in a regular garden provided it’s watered enough. It is […]


Vitex Trifolia also known as Legundi in Indonesian, or simpleleaf chasetree in the west, is a coastal shrub. It grows on various coastal terrain such as sand, coral, gravel, or even mangrove forests. The plant grows in the tropics, and sub-tropics, from East Africa to Australia, and South East Asia. The plant requires both amble […]


Hibiscus is a large flowering plant growing from an evergreen shrub that grows up to 10 meters tall. The most commonly variety found in Bali produces large blood red, trumpet like flowers, with 5 large petals, and a yellow lobe shooting up from its center. The flowers also come in a white, blue, purple, yellow, […]

Argan Oil

Argan oil, nicknamed liquid gold for its nutrient and fatty acid rich content. To extract this wondrous liquid, we must first find the Argan tree. So let’s hop on a plane, and book ourselves a ticket to the dry heat, and tall grassy planes of Morocco.  This is a tree unique to the region, as […]


Origin Clove from the French word clou meaning nail, is a dried flowers bud that sprouts off its evergreen tree, making it sparkle in a dash of red and white. Which also happens to be the colour of the Indonesian flag, making it apt as the tree is native to the Indonesian province of Maluku. […]


Mint has long become synonymous with freshness, and cleanliness. From its cool tingle running down your throat as you inhale its deep essence, to its fresh blast as you exhale it into the world, leaving the air around you seeming oddly cleaner. But where did this all start? How did man come to utilize this […]


Patchouli is a herb native to the Asian tropics, it is part of the mint family. The name Patchouli comes from the Tamil(in the Indian sub continent) word patchai, meaning green, and ellai meaning leaf. Not content with just being a green leaf, this plant produces a little cocooning pyramid of pink and white flowers.


Nutmeg known as Pala in Indonesian, exemplifies warmth, and spice. It conjures a duality of images of warm carefree tropical nights, and cool winters sat by a fire. It is the scent of Christmas, heating you up in an inner hug of warmth, with aromas floating around you in a dance.

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