Why Certain Essential Oils are Costlier than Others

If you use essential oils, then you are probably already very aware of their health benefits. You are probably also aware that to use your essential oils most effectively, you want to make sure you are using only high-quality oils.

Prices can vary drastically between companies, and if you are new to the world of essential oils, you may find that the staggering price differences between oils and companies may be a bit intimidating. However, you will find that paying a premium for certain essential oils carries many benefits and advantages that you can’t find with less expensive and lower quality oils.

The following are a few essential oils that may be a bit pricier and a few reasons as to why that may be:


Jasmine essential oil has a very sensual fragrance which is very different from other flowers. It is also known for its memory stimulation and concentration capabilities. For these reasons and the fact that the blossom to oil ration for its production is so high, jasmine is considered one of the most expensive essential oils. For pure jasmine oil, it takes thousands of jasmine petals to make one ml of pure jasmine essential oil.


Also referred to as plumeria, frangipani is a tropical plant that won’t flower if it receives any less than six hours of bright sunlight each day. It has a mysterious scent that is best experienced rather than described. The essential oil that is extracted from these flowers is very thick and waxy, and it has to be heated to make the oil spreadable. So due to its production process, you will find that this essential oil is a bit costlier than others but well worth the price because of its amazing scent and anti-inflammatory properties.


Rose essential oil comes from the Bulgarian rose flower, and it can take upwards of over 5000 rose petals just to produce one pound of rose oil. Because of this and its anti-aging compounds and collagen stimulation properties, you will find that it is more of a higher end essential oil.


The lotus is an aquatic plant that can benefit the mind, body, and soul. The plant needs a lot of space to grow as well as bountiful amounts of sun. The flowers are white and pink and only open for two days and close overnight. Getting this essential oil involves the process of solvent extraction and is much thicker than other oil extractions. If not done properly, can leave harmful traces behind. However, the CO2 that is used during the process makes for a much cleaner and purer oil which is why it is so costly to purchase in its pure form.

Due to the processes involved with many of these oils, you will find that the price will be much higher than those that are not pure but are mixed with other oils. These essential oil blends are often more affordable, but you will lose out on the benefits that the pure essential oil offers you.

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