What Is Cajeput Essential Oil?

Cajeput essential oil is one of those oils that many don’t think about quite as frequently as tea tree oil or rosemary oil, even though it holds similar benefits and properties. The oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Cajuput tree, using a steam method similar to that used to create eucalyptus oil. Inside of the oil is caryophyllene, alpha pinene, limonene, alpha terpinene, linalool, and much more, creating a powerful oil that has been used for generations for its anti-bacterial properties.


The Benefits Of Cajuput Essential Oil


The benefits of this oil are numerous, and it’s been a popular go-to oil for clearing infection in aquatic life, repelling fleas and lice, and use in muscle massage for its 100% natural warming properties. A few other specific benefits of cajuput essential oil include:


  • Congestion relief – Cajuput essential oil is antiviral, but it also provides congestion relief, making it a must-have oil during the year’s cold and flu seasons. For nasal congestion, cajuput essential oil in a diffuser can provide immediate pressure relief, while also acting as an expectorant for chest congestion as well.


  • Pain reduction – For aching joints and muscles, application of cajuput oil can provide great relief. The oil is analgesic in nature, and when applied to sore areas of the body it can take the edge off of the pain almost immediately.


  • Fever reduction – Cajeput essential oil can work to reduce fevers in two ways. First, the oil stimulates sweat production with its warming sensation, helping to jump start the body’s way of naturally cooling itself down. Second, the oil also is a powerful infection fighter and application or diffusion can help the body to fight the infection causing the fever in the first place.


  • Skin clearing – The oil is a natural detoxifier with anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be a powerful weapon against acne infections. When applied topically or in an acne serum, it goes to work straight away fighting acne-causing infections and calming the look of angry skin.




Cajeput oil is a 100% natural way to fight acne infections, clear the nasal passages, fight infection, and reduce pain using methods that have worked for thousands of years.


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