The Benefits Of Using Salt Scrubs

One big part of a natural skin care regimen that has been gaining popularity in recent years is salt scrubs. 100% natural salt scrubs provide a bevy of skin benefits, and they can be found in products ranging from scalp care, to hand care, to all over body treatments. Essentially, the salt in salt scrubs works to remove dead skin cells and purify the skin, while the essential oils added for fragrance provide their own benefits on top of those of the scrub. Rice powder, an Asian beauty secret for thousands of years, adds to the anti-aging benefits while smoothing the skin and reducing inflammation.


4 Benefits Of Using Salt Scrubs


To get to the bottom of why salt scrubs have surged in popularity in recent years, it pays to outline a few of the key benefits. 4 benefits of using salt scrubs include:


  1. Glowing skin – One of the biggest reasons salt scrubs are used is the skin glow benefit they leave behind. Unlike other skin treatments, they don’t require multiple uses to provide a noticeable benefit. Immediately after using a nourishing natural salt scrub, you’re left with a soft glow.


  1. Simple natural exfoliation – The “scrubby” nature of salt works to easily and quickly remove dead skin cells while promoting skin regeneration. This natural exfoliation not only adds to the “skin glow” factor, it also leaves behind softer skin better able to absorb other skin treatments. For those with scarring or stretch marks, a salt scrub may also contribute to scar fading.


  1. Relaxation – The feeling of salt being rubbed on the skin, on top of the scent of any essential oils that may be held within the scrub, can work to promote relaxation. Using salt scrubs during a massage or relaxation treatment is a common way to release stress and get back to center.


  1. Increase in circulation and flow – When using a salt scrub, you increase blood flow and circulation to the skin. In doing so, you provide your skin with an oxygen boost that is said to have an ability to aid with the signs of aging with a revitalization effect.


Salt scrubs can be used just about anywhere on the body, and with gentle rubbing, can help to make the skin brighter with a healthier natural glow. These types of scrubs can be incorporated into any skincare regimen as a regular part of your routine when used two or three times per week.




Natural salt scrubs benefit the body through simple exfoliation, helping to aid circulation for glowing healthy skin.

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