Refresher Mist And Why It Should Be An Integral Part Of Every Routine

Refresher mists are a Bali skincare staple, and one that has been picking up speed in terms of popularity in recent years. Not just Bali spa products, refresher mists can be kept in a gym bag, bathroom cabinet, or handbag and used throughout the day for many different reasons, and each time you reach for your bottle, your skin will thank you for it. Hand made refresher mists filled with 100% natural essential oils and seaweed provide benefits to the skin that you may not have known you needed.


Reasons To Use Refresher Mists


Refresher mists can be used on the face or body, and regardless of where you use it, you’re still reaping the reward. A few specific reasons to make refresher mists a new regular part of your routine include:


  • A refreshing pick-me-up – When you’ve hit the mid-afternoon slump, you’re feeling less than fresh, or your skin is showing the signs of a stressful day, a refresher mist can give you just the pick-me-up you’re after. A spritz or two feels cool and refreshing, and it wakes up your circulation while giving you a dewy natural glow.


  • Keep hydrated on the go – After spending a sunny day at the beach, getting off of a long flight, or exposing your skin to hours of air conditioning, you’re left feeling pretty parched and dry. A quick spritz of a natural refresher mist with essential oils can get your skin back into balance in seconds.


  • A natural toner – After a day of wearing makeup, you may have some impurities left behind that you cannot see, feel, or notice, but can still irritate the skin after a wash. Refresher mists act as a natural toner providing additional clarity by wiping away product left behind and leaving pores cleansed and refreshed.


  • Controlling oil production – For those who are acne prone, it’s no secret that dry skin creates chaos. When the skin gets over-dry, the body will overproduce oils to compensate and remoisturize, which is just what you don’t want. When you feel yourself getting dry, a spray of a refresher mist can work to give your skin back the moisture it needs without overproduction.





Refresher mists are an integral part of Bali skincare routines and their benefits are becoming better known across the globe.

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