Moonflower Incense 12 sticks

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Utama Spice’s natural incense sticks are all created using locally sourced spices and herbs. Lovingly hand rolled, the incense is dipped in pure essential oil making these incense one of the most lovely smelling natural dupa sticks.

This long burning incense is a blend of flowers, barks, herbs, oils, nuts and spices using no synthetic or endangered plants. Wrapped in recycled paper. Handmade with Fair Trade and Internature Principles.

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Many cultures have burned incense for thousands of years for ceremonial, meditational, and therapeutic purposes. The fragrant smoke that is released upon burning incense has many properties that are pleasing to the senses.
Made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients that are locally sourced, the aroma of Moon Flower incense is relaxing and calming. The addition of cananga oil gives it a green aroma that eases tension from every day stress, while nutmeg oil reduces mental fatigue and calms the mind.  Does not contain synthetics or endangered plants.
        100% natural ingredients.
        Warm, green aroma.
        Good for relaxing the mind.
        The incense is hand rolled.


Bamboo, Coconut Charcoal, Cryptocarya Massoia Bark Powder, Essential Oils (Cananga, Nutmeg)

Additional information

Weight 105.00000000 g

Deskripsi Bahasa Indonesia

Banyak budaya telah membakar dupa selama ribuan tahun untuk tujuan upacara, meditasi, dan terapi. Asap harum yang dilepaskan setelah pembakaran dupa memiliki banyak properti yang menenteramkan indra. Dibuat dengan essential oil murni dan bahan alami yang bersumber dari daerah lokal, Aroma dupa Moon Flower adalah aroma yang lembut dan menenangkan. Ditambahkannya minyak kenanga memberikan aroma tanaman yang meredakan ketegangan dari stres setiap hari, sementara minyak pala (nutmeg) mengurangi kelelahan mental dan menenangkan pikiran. Tidak mengandung tanaman sintetik atau tanaman yang terancam punah.

  • 100% bahan alami.
  • Hangat, aroma hijau tanaman.
  • Baik untuk membuat santai pikiran.
  • Dupa digulung dengan tangan.

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