Keeping Your Yoga Mat Clean Naturally

After finishing a revitalizing and relaxing yoga session, the last thing on many minds is cleaning their mat. Yoga mat spray containing 100% natural essential oils keeps things clean without taking you out of your relaxed place. Unlike liquid soaps, a spray doesn’t involve a hosing down process that must be carried out after each session, and a few quick sprays is all that needs to be done.


Why Keep Yoga Mats Clean?


All too often, people don’t consider the cleanliness of their mat, and how their mat could be contributing to health hazards during a time they’re focused on wellness. A few reasons why yoga mats should be cleaned regularly are:


  • Sanitation – Yoga mats can harbor germs, fungi, and bacteria, and this is in addition to the sweat that seeps from your pores as you detoxify your body. This is the most important reason to sanitize your yoga mat, as you never know what you may be exposing yourself to when using a mat that hasn’t been cleaned.


  • Avoid deep washes – After every handful of sessions, it’s beneficial to deep clean your yoga mat using a natural liquid soap and hot water, but a sanitizing spray can ensure these deep cleans don’t need to happen as frequently.


  • Prolong the life of your mat – A high quality yoga mat is something of an investment in your health and your wellness, so you’ll want to keep that investment protected. Sweat and dirt buildup on the surface of your mat can cause the material to deteriorate more quickly, meaning more frequent mat replacements. A 100% natural yoga mat spray can remove this grime layer and keep your yoga mat newer for longer.


  • Establish a habit – It’s easy to get into a healthy cleaning habit when the cleaning process is quick and simple. With a yoga mat spray, the cleaning process takes only a few seconds and shows you just how important and beneficial always using a clean mat can be.




Yoga mat spray offers a quick and easy natural yoga mat cleaning solution great for establishing healthy yoga aftercare habits.



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