If you have not so clear skin and want a smooth and clear complexion, then it is important to understand the different types of acne and what causes them. This way, you can begin to find the best and most natural skincare solutions to help the problem.


Whiteheads are buildup that sits on top of the skin. It is a collection of sebum and dead skin cells. Whiteheads count as a type of pimple and are often seen on oily skin types. However, they can be treated with exfoliation and thorough cleansing of the skin.


These are considered plugs of sebum, dead skin cell buildup, and bacteria. They are similar to whiteheads, but in the case of blackheads, the oil has oxidized, and they are a much darker color. Clay masks, in addition to exfoliation and thorough cleansing, can help clear blackheads up.


These are small, raised bumps on the surface of the skin. They can also often cause a rash to form and can become swollen due to inflammation. They are more painful than whiteheads and blackheads. Papules can be treated with drying lotions or different spot treatments.


This is a pimple that has come to a head and manifests as a white, pus-filled bubble on the surface of the skin. It may sound like a whitehead, but pustules are inflamed and full of pus.


Cystic pimples are much worse than regular pimples. They are much deeper in the skin and are often the result of hormones. The pores become blocked and clogged and this can lead to an infection. They are much more painful than the other types of acne and harder to treat and slower to treat. For this kind of acne, you want to make sure to keep the skin clean, exfoliate, and fight the infection.


This is the most severe form of acne. However, instead of being filled with pus, nodules are hard bumps that form deep beneath the surface of the skin and can be very painful. They require more intensive treatment.

Natural Skincare Solutions

Before reaching for over the counter acne treatments, consider how beneficial natural skincare solutions can be for your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, then you want to find solutions that are not going to irritate the skin further or cause more inflammation.

This acne facial wash can cleanse the skin thoroughly without the use of any harsh chemicals. It contains only natural ingredients and has acne-fighting properties that can help prevent future breakouts.

Or you can try this tea tree facial scrub. It effectively removes those dead skin cells that can potentially cause acne breakouts. It also draws out the impurities and toxins from the skin and is safe and gentle for most skin types.

All of these natural skincare solutions are gentle and can be used several times a week to help prevent and treat acne breakouts.

Meta: Many of us don’t realize that there are several different types of acne. To help combat acne, it is important to understand the different types while finding natural skincare solutions to help.

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