Argan oil, nicknamed liquid gold for its nutrient and fatty acid rich content. To extract this wondrous liquid, we must first find the Argan tree. So let’s hop on a plane, and book ourselves a ticket to the dry heat, and tall grassy planes of Morocco.  This is a tree unique to the region, as we venture closer to analyse it we find that goats have perched themselves up on it, and are looking at us from above with ominous eyes. Quite the sight. As we try our hardest to avoid the soul piercing stares, we slip in closer to find the fruit that hold this magical fluid.

Fruits in hand, we start to run in a deathly panic as the goats sound their war cry to. Acknowledging that we stole their food source, we arrive again the next day to apologize. The goats still perched majestically atop the Argan tree, avert their gaze on us. An icy chill runs through our body, unsure of what this mean. The goat with its goat wisdom tells us, we can live in symbiosis. And thus the goats continues to consume the fruit, while humans collect the kernels from their droppings, washing them, then drying them, and finally cracking the kernel open and pressing out the golden liquid. And that is the legend of Argan oil, which I just totally made up.

Moving on from legend to facts, Argan oil has recently made huge surges in skin care, and cosmetics. There is good reason behind this trend; the oil comes in with flurry of beneficial punches. Firstly it’s a dry oil, so it will absorb easily into your skin without leaving it oily. Its deeply moisturizing, and nourish properties are perfect for nightly application. High in anti oxidants, this is a dream oil for your face as it helps keep acne at bay, while lathering your skin with beneficial fatty acids. Its also suitable for full body usage reducing flaking at bay.

Argan oil isn’t just a dream for skincare; it’s also a dream for hair. You’ll often find Argan as an ingredient in conditioners, however cutting out the middle man and going straight for the oil is the way to go. This oil will help you manage that frizzy and troublesome hair, which seems to have a mind and will of its own. It’s moisturises both the hair, and scalp, helping to prevent the occurrence of dandruff. Not only will your hair be strengthened, but it will also provide you hair with a dazzling shine, and leave it beautifully soft.


Medicinally the oil is great for treating burns, and rheumatism. Living in a hot climate, or simply revelling in the summer sun can risk exposure to harmful UV rays, protections is important. However we can be very forgetful creatures, and in cases where the damage is done, you can breathe easy as Argan comes swinging in heroically to save your skin. Apply a generous amount, to help prevent pesky pealing, and allow your skin to keep that hard fought tan.

As well as being used externally, the oil is also consumed as food, used as a dip, or for salad dressing. Eat up, because the oil has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. As well as protecting you from heart disease. It is still far from being popular as a food produce, but we should push hard for it, as it has a positive social factor. The production of the oil provides local women with jobs, and money. The net factor has been hugely positive for local communities.

We often talk about products and their sustainability, Argan oil is a champion in the environmental cause. Planting Argan trees reduces desertification; it also provides food for animals. Even the shade from the tree allows other life to grow, shielding various plants from harsh desert heat. The more Argan oil you purchase, the more trees get planted. Argan cements its status as one of the best products not just for usage, but also for the environment, and positive social change.


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