The benefits of essential oils are well known today, and this is a fad that is showing no signs of slowing down. Knowing how to use essential oils and the various best methods can unlock a whole new world of aromatherapy to you that you may never have considered the benefits of before. A few tips and tricks for using essential oils are:


  1. Always use a carrier oil – Whenever applying an oil directly onto the skin, it’s always important to use a carrier oil to ensure safe transport. The carrier oil does just that, it carries the oil to the skin in a safe way, and various vegetable oils can be mixed with essential oils to carry the benefits along. Our virgin coconut oil, castor oil, tamanu oil, and jojoba oil can all serve as a carrier oil when mixed with a couple drops of your favorite essential oils.


  1. Easy travel aromatherapy in a pinch – If you’ve left your favorite travel diffuser at home, and you want the benefit of your favorite oil during travel, you can make a temporary one very easily. Simply take a wooden clothespin and glue 3 fabric felted balls onto the top of the pin. Drop your favorite oils onto the felted balls, and clip the clothespin to the vent in the car, and you have yourself a temporary makeshift diffuser you can use for your trip!


  1. Use peppermint oil for pests – While peppermint essential oil alleviates nausea, energizes, and soothes the respiratory system for us, pests can’t stand it. If you have a space in your home where you’d like to keep spiders, ants, or even mice at bay, simply drip a few drops of peppermint oil onto a cotton ball or cotton pad, and store right into the area to keep them away.


  1. Turn your vacuum into a home fragrance machine – When you vacuum your home, especially with an older vacuum, it can sometimes leave that dusty smell of the interior of the vacuum behind. While you’re cleaning, you want a clean scent, and essential oils are a great solution. Simply take your favorite oil and drip a few drops onto a small piece of cotton, and then vacuum that piece of cotton up. As you vacuum around the house, you’ll leave behind the fresh natural scent of the oil!




Tips and tricks help essential oil users to make the most of the oils they have in their collection.


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