Rosehip oil is that oil you’ve been looking for if your skin has lost that youthful and rejuvenated healthy glow, and you want to get it back. To break down the benefits of rosehip oil, the top 5 perks of using it in your skincare routine are:


  1. Moisturizing – Rosehip oil is packed with fatty acids, which makes it an excellent natural moisturizer.


  1. Wrinkle treating – Rosehip oil is a natural source of both vitamins A and C, and when combined with the natural fatty acids, can treat signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.


  1. Skin brightening – For dull or tired skin, rosehip oil can be a natural brightener making your traditional highlighter obsolete. The astringent properties of the oil work to tighten up pores, which provides a smoother and more uniform brightened appearance. Putting a few drops of rosehip oil onto cleansed skin at nighttime or during the day can help to provide an all-day glow.


  1. Evening out skin tone – For those with sensitive skin who cannot use products with citric acids or lemon oils, rosehip oil provides a useful and comfortable alternative. Rosehip oil is full of vitamins that can help to even out skin tone, fade scarring, and even alleviate redness from acne breakouts. Rosehip oil isn’t only to be used post-breakout, it is not known to agitate current breakouts and may be used as a beneficial carrier oil alongside other acne fighting oils to create a powerful serum.


  1. Improving elasticity – As the skin ages, it can begin to lose the elasticity that kept the skin looking youthful and fresh. For those who have noticed some elasticity loss, dabbing a little rosehip oil on these areas after cleansing the skin can help to give skin its healthy snap back.




Rosehip oil is an essential oil that holds a bevy of benefits ranging from simple healthy moisture to improving the skin’s elasticity and fading scars.


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