Face serums are used to pack a hearty punch of benefit to the skin, and these often super-concentrated products target specific skin concerns one may be having that they hope the serum will alleviate. Natural oil based face serums are the products you’re looking for if you wish to maximize the benefit of your product, and there are a few reasons why.


Why Oil Based Face Serums?


It’s important to remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body, so when taking care of the skin, you want to mimic how the skin can take care of itself. For protection, comfort, and repair, our skin produces natural oils that both we and the environment strip away, so we need to replace, replenish, and balance these oils if we want our skin to be at its best. Oil based face serums help to bring these natural oils back, but this is only if you’re using a natural oil based serum to begin with.


The Benefits Of Oils


Oil based serums can come along with a whole host of different benefits depending on the oils being used. Base carrier oils like argan oil or virgin coconut oil carry their own benefits, and the introduction of essential oils to these carrier oils carry even more. For instance, if a person wishes to use an oil based serum to combat acne, a combination of castor oil and tea tree oil in their facial serum will be tough on acne causing bacteria while also helping to lighten post acne marks.


Acne is far from the only condition helped by oil based face serums, and just about any condition you can imagine has an oil based serum solution. A facial serum with jojoba oil and lemon or lavender essential oils can help to rejuvenate the skin, lessen wrinkles, and bring bright youthfulness back to the skin’s surface.




Oil based face serums use the power of nature to combat a variety of different skin conditions depending on the oils being used.


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