The most common skin problem that is treated by physicians is acne. However, acne can be divided into other issues including blackheads and whiteheads.  They are medically known as comedones and can be found on the face as well as the shoulders.  

To improve the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads, it is important to practice good and consistent hygiene with your skin. It is also a good idea to know what causes them, the differences between the two, and what else you can do to keep them at bay. 

What are Blackheads? 

These occur when the hair follicles have openings that are wider than they typically are. These openings are typically filled with sebum, keratin, and other skin cells. These particles go through what is known as melanin oxidation which is why they have a black appearance on the skin.  

Blackheads are most commonly found on the nose, but it is not uncommon to find them on other areas of the skin as well such as the back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders. They are a mild type of acne. 

If you produce too much oil, the hair follicles become irritated, or you are going through hormonal changes then you may experience an increased risk of blackheads.  

What are Whiteheads? 

Whiteheads are another mild form of acne. When pores become clogged, whiteheads begin to appear. They are commonly found on the face, shoulders, neck, chest, and back. 

These follicles are also filled with sebum, keratin, and other cells, but the surface to the skin is much smaller[Symbol]almost microscopic. With such a small opening, air cannot reach the follicle which means the follicle is not oxidized and stays white in appearance. They are also small, round bumps on the surface of the skin. 

Some other causes of whiteheads, in addition to clogged pores and irritated follicles, is puberty, hereditary factors, stress, hormonal changes, and life habits.  

Difference Between Blackheads and Whiteheads 

While both of these skin conditions are considered mild forms of acne, the biggest difference between them is the closed and open pore element. Exposed to air and open means it is a blackhead. Whiteheads, on the other hand, sit on the surface of the skin and are not exposed to the air as previously mentioned. 

To help with any breakouts you may be experiencing; it is important to stay on top of your skincare routine and remain consistent in your efforts. Cleanse your skin morning and night and pay special attention to your pores.  

Meta: Black and whiteheads are mild forms of acne and are common and can be experienced by many people on different areas of their skinmost commonly, the face.  

Meta: Black and whiteheads are mild forms of acne and are common and can be experienced by many people on different areas of their skin-most commonly, the face.  


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