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Temple Spice Diffuser

Temple Spice Diffuser
Product Code: DF/TS-0001/BX

Temple Spice Diffuser

This is a ceramic diffuser designed to provide continous aromatic pleasure with no fuss. Filled with our world famous Temple Spice blend, this diffuser will will have your home smelling like the majestic temples of Bali in no time.

How to use: Place diffuser in any room in your home you feel needs an aromatic boost. Fill your diffuser by removing the flower lid and filling the lower half with one of our 100% natural diffuser blends. Diffuser needs to be topped up every 2-3 weeks. Refills available online and in stores.

Sorbitol, Cananga Odorata (Cananga) Flower oil, Piper cubeba (cubeb) Fruit Oil, Essential Oil Blend. 

Tags: Diffuser, Aromatherapy, Temple Spice

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