Perfect Balance Essentail Oil Set

Perfect Balance Essentail Oil Set
Product Code: EO/GS-BL/BX

Perfect Balance Essentail Oil Set

Essential oils are so versatile and easy to use in your daily life and we would like to share their magic with you. Knowing it can be difficult to decide the best oils to start with we have designed these kits to help you easily get started on your aromatherapy journey. 

This set includes:

  • Clearing Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Focus Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Pure Energy Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Bliss Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Deep Calming Essential Oil Blend 5ml

Clearing Essential Oil Blend:

Focus Essential Oil Blend:

Pure Energy Essential Oil Blend:

Bliss Essential Oil Blend:

Deep Calming Essential Oil Blend:

Tags: 100% Natural Essential Oil, Clearing, Focus, Pure Energy, Bliss, Deep Calming

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